National Public Sleeping Day- How to Celebrate National Public Sleeping Day?

National Public Sleeping Day

National Public Sleeping Day is a yearly celebration that occurs on February 28th. The national public sleeping day was started in 2002 by the founder of the “Society for Non-Violent Living” which has been trying to stop violence and promote peace every year since then. The Society for Non-Violent Living believes that we should all take a break from our busy lives and get some rest, something many people do not currently get enough of. This blog post will discuss what National Public Sleeping Day is, how it came about, who created it, and what you can do to celebrate this very important day!

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History Of National Public Sleeping Day

The origin and history of this day are not known but it has been celebrated since 2011. This is a great opportunity for everyone to take time out of their busy schedules, relax with some zzz’s in public! Studies have shown that napping can refresh your brain by refreshing you mentally as well as physically.

While no one has claimed to be the founder of National Public Sleeping Day, whoever it seemed like they knew what we were all thinking.

We all do it from time to time. It might not seem like a big deal, but the truth is that sleeping in public can sometimes feel embarrassing and uncomfortable!

A lot of people don’t know how they’ll react when their head hits the pillow at night – whether or not we’ll wake up with sympathetic looks on our faces or ashamed expressions fixed firmly into place depends entirely upon what type of person YOU ARE!!

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In the event that you’re at work and your boss walks in while sleeping on a public bench, don’t worry! As this article says “Of course” we can always point to it as our permission for indulging in some light napping. But if they see us dozing off with heads down then be careful what signals of honesty/relaxation might give them – like telling them too much or just saying ‘sleep’ without thinking about how their opinion may change after seeing those worded crumbs from someone else’s tablecloth…

National Public Sleeping Day Activities

  1. Host a public group nap

Find out what it feels like to live in the moment and enjoy a day with your friends, by inviting them over for some snappy naps. Grab yourself an extra pillow or two so that everyone can take turns sleeping!

  1. Make a list

Napping in public is not an unusual occurrence for many of us. It’s easy to recall the countless times that I’ve slept while waiting in line at a store or even just taking up space next to someone else during our morning commute!

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  1. Stash an emergency kit in your car

Even if you don’t think so, your body needs sleep to function properly. A good thing about this is that it helps with long-term memory and cognitive functions such as attention span or problem-solving ability!

“Planning on doing some more driving today?” “No way!” That would never happen because we all know how tired our bodies can get after just one car ride without any breaks whatsoever: even though ten minutes may not seem like much time at first glance–it will soon pass by quickly enough.


  1. Foods to avoid

Caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration, which can lead to a lack of energy. Nicotine is another no-no for those who want better sleep patterns!


Exercise is a great way to promote restful sleep. The latest research shows that those who include some form of exercise in their day also tend to be more productive at night, have higher energy levels during the day, and even make better decisions about how much they should do on days when working from home or not going into work as often!

  1. Set a schedule

A key part of avoiding burnout is establishing a routine sleep cycle. Use the recommended time for sleeping, minimize distractions that can disrupt your slumbering experience, and establish good coping skills when feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety during hard-earned rest periods.

Setting a schedule can help you get better sleep. This is because it gives your body the chance to know when it’s time for them!

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4.​Relax before bed

Engaging in relaxing activities immediately before bedtime can have a powerful effect on your ability to sleep.

Makes it easier for you, forces less tossing and turning while producing alpha waves that help generate serenity so dreams may come more easily!

  1. Do something

Lying awake with racing thoughts is never fun, but it’s especially frustrating when you can’t sleep. Instead of staring at the ceiling all night long or engaging in negative thinking patterns like “I’m useless,” find something else to do that will take your mind off things for just a little bit! Reading might be good if there are books available where they work during their downtime.

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There are many activities and celebrations scheduled for National Public Sleeping Day! From hosting a public group nap to making lists of all the times you’ve slept in public without thinking twice about it during your commute or just taking up space next to someone else we can always point to our permission as an excuse. If they see us dozing off with our eyes shut or they notice our heads bobbing up and down during their morning commute then that would be the perfect time to strike a conversation with someone, don’t you agree?

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