How to Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day?

National Random Acts of Kindness Day 2022

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is an international day that encourages people to perform random acts of kindness. The goal is not just to do one act on this day, but many throughout the year.

The holiday was founded by social media entrepreneur Katie Krimer in 2013 with the intention of injecting more love into the world. It has been observed every February 17th since then, and has become a tradition for many, each year striving to make it bigger than the last!

History Of National Random Acts of Kindness Day

There are many reasons to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on October 15th. The first was created in Denver, Colorado by a small nonprofit organization called the “Random Acts Foundation”. Nine years later it spread around New Zealand and now this day has become an international movement to promote acts of kindness.

People all over the world are encouraged to perform random acts of kindness on this day, and there’s no better way than with an awareness ribbon-like our orange Awareness Ribbon!

The idea behind this holiday is to make the world a better place by spreading some light around and making kindness an integral part of our everyday lives.

We all have a natural bent towards kindness, but it’s hard to escape the stress in our lives. And when we do find ourselves with some spare time on hand – whether that be during lunch break or after work hours- how often does this happen: You’re minding your own business when out of nowhere someone asks if they can join you? Are their intentions good-natured or is something else going down here?!

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The discussion of the importance of altruism dates back to ancient times. It has been a topic that philosophers, psychologists, and sociologists have studied for centuries with new discoveries constantly being made in this area each day- but there’s no need for any more research after all these years because it is now embedded into our DNA!

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National Random Acts of Kindness Day Activities

1. Compliment a stranger

The best things in life are free and if you want to be complimented, all it takes is a simple word of thanks. If we encounter someone who deserves some appreciation for the hard work or kindness they have shown us then let them know how much these acts meanwhile still being respectful at the same time!

2. Treat a homeless person to lunch

Paying it forward is a great way to show someone that they’re not alone and there are people out there who care about them.

No matter how busy you may think your day was, the person on the other end of this message will appreciate being able to know that somebody cares enough just from reading their email or seeing one single tweet!

3. Anonymously donate to a charity

There are countless charities and nonprofit organizations out there that provide a need for financial help. Lucky us, most of these groups make it easy to donate online anonymously with just the click of a button!


1. Princess Diana

” Random acts of kindness aren’t just for the people who want something in return. You should do one, and then remember that it might come back around to help someone else.”

2. Barbara De Angelis

The world needs more love. Love can help people in their time of need, and it’s never too late for that kind gesture to make all the difference

3. Aesop

The power of small actions is immense. No matter how big your act, it will always have an impact on those around you and in turn be rewarded with good things like loved ones forgiving past mistakes or gaining opportunities for success through encouragement from others’ kindnesses.

4. Dalai Lama

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always worth your time and effort to try, even if we all know it can be difficult at times.”

5. Joseph Joubert

People often feel guilty for not loving someone as much they deserve. However, it’s important to remember that this is an act of kindness rather than cruelty- the difference lies in whether your love brings more happiness and joy into their life or less of something bad happens because you’re too busy wishing them well (and themselves!).


1. Treat people the way you want to be treated

It’s safe to say that you have heard this saying before, assuming not living under a rock for the last 2 millennia.

2. It can make someone’s day (obviously)

Life is tough, bills suck and we’re all going through our own struggles. Today’s your day to make a difference in someone else’s life by being the bigger person who goes out of their way for others when they need it most!

3. You can’t go wrong with kindness

Do you want to experience a life that’s not stressful? You can start by being kind.


The act of kindness is something that has the power to make the world a better place. It may be difficult at times, but it’s always worth taking these chances because you never know what might happen afterward!

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