National Rubber Ducky Day – January 13, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Rubber Ducky Day is a day of celebration for children of all ages. It is the one day out of the year where people are encouraged to collect rubber ducks and place them in their bathtub, sink, or any water-filled container. The purpose of this holiday? To help bring joy to those who have not experienced it yet! Read on below for more information about the National Rubber Ducky Day celebrations. 

This blog post will explore how National Rubber Ducky Day came to be, what activities you can do on the day itself, and some historical facts that might surprise you!

History Of National Rubber Ducky Day

National Rubber Ducky Day is a fun holiday, but the creator remains unknown. National Day Calendar® has its theories on why people celebrate this day in October-Sesame Street’s Rubber Duckie may have inspired it!

The first celebration of this day took place on October 15, 1972. The holiday is named after one of the most popular bath toys among children-the rubber duck! This American toy has been used for decades now and parents have always enjoyed placing them in their kids’ baths to help with potty training or just because it’s fun!

National Rubber Ducky Day Activities

1. Visit the Rubber Duck sculpture

What’s better than a tiny bath toy? A huge replica in the open waters! Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created large ducks which can be seen all over town. Some examples include Amsterdam, Sydney, and Hong Kong – but there are plenty more cities where you’ll find these floating beauties as well (think New York City).

2. Attend a rubber duck race

Each year, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus OH hosts a race of the duckies through Big Walnut Creek. Each sponsor is allowed to purchase one rubber ducky for $10 that will be used as part of hospital fundraiser efforts and auctioned off at some point during event day on-site with proceeds benefiting research initiatives aimed at finding cures and treatments.

The idea behind this tradition began when former employee Don Wells thought it would make sense because ducks like water: Duck races happen every weekend all across North America! We placed ads around town looking for people who wanted their company logo displayed alongside our event banner; we found sponsorship opportunities from small businesses such as restaurants ( Mc Donald ) large companies such as Nationwide Insurance and even from public figures such as former WBNS-TV news anchor Ron Hunter.

3. Take a bath!

When you want to relax, there’s nothing like a nice soak in warm water with bubbles. The best part is that it can be as fancy or simple for your liking! 

Whether it means pouring expensive champagne and lighting up some candles on top of Cardova Suite bath salts from Bath & Body Works; or simply dropping off into an oversized t-shirt covered tub after work without any added frills – whatever mood strikes YOU today will most certainly last through tomorrow too.


1. They help out good causes

From charity dime-a-dozen to cute and cuddly, rubber duckies have been a symbol of giving for over 50 years. 

They are so common that you can find them all across America at events or stores like Kmart where people donate money in exchange for one!

2. Because Ernie says so

National Rubber Ducky Day is a day that celebrates theaters and floats. National Geographic even did an article on how this aquatic toy has changed over time, from its inception in 1969 up until now! 

The event’s date was set by Sesame Street when Ernie said it would be his birthday today – January 13th (which happens to also happen to be the rainy day).

3. The Queen loves them

Supposedly, rumors swirled in 2001 from a British tabloid claiming that Queen Elizabeth II had her royal version of the rubber ducky—complete with a crown!


Okay so maybe this isn’t a syndrome but people have been known to be afraid of rubber duckies! There’s even a story online about how the Rubber Duck was responsible for an epidemic in London back during the 1800s! Let’s all stay together and keep our eyes on the prize!

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