How to Celebrate National Sacher Torte Day? National Sacher Torte Day 2022

It’s National Sacher Torte Day! How will you celebrate? If you live in Austria, then this is a day that warrants celebration.

A traditional German dessert, the sacher torte has been delighting Austrians for generations.

This recipe typically features chocolate cake layers with apricot jam filling and a dark chocolate glaze, all topped off by a thin layer of marzipan paste.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of the sacher torte as well as some different ways to celebrate December 5th!

About National Sacher Torte Day

The sacher torte was invented by the head chef of Prince Metternich in 1832. His name is Franz Sacher and he named this cake after his boss, who loved it so much that he said no one else should ever make a similar recipe again!

However, we think everyone should be able to enjoy such a delicious cake on such a special day.

National Sacher Torte Day-Date is December 5th, 2021

The easiest way to celebrate is just by eating a slice of sacher torte! If you’re not in Austria and don’t have access to the ingredients or recipe, some companies can ship it directly to your home.

Not able to get an order placed? Then consider baking your own. The recipe isn’t too complicated!

National Sacher Torte Day-What is the recipe?

The sacher torte has four layers. The first layer is a buttery, flaky crust that goes on top of your baking dish and also serves as the base for the following three cake layers.

Next comes a tart apricot jam filling which gives this dessert its unique flavor. The third layer is a rich chocolate cake that’s chocolaty, fluffy, and moist all at the same time!

Last but not least comes the final glaze of dark chocolate which adds richness to each bite you take.

National Sacher Torte Day-Is it only for December?

No, sometimes this holiday falls in January. However, December is when most people celebrate this occasion and it’s the best time to get your hands on some sacher torte!

History Of National Sacher Torte Day

Sacher Torte is a special type of chocolate cake or torte that has a long tradition. It was invented by Chef Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich, an important figure during the Vienna Court Period because he served as one of Austria’s most famous culinary specialties at court before becoming Emperor Ferdinand I’s Chancellor with reformist politics known as “Red Bull Theory”.

The first mention on National SacherTorteDay goes back to 1916 when it became well-known among Viennese residents; however, its history remains unknown where did this delicious treat originate from? Who was the first person who thought of baking it?

There are many different stories about its invention. One story tells us that SacherTorte was invented by a German pastry chef, Mr. Franz Sacher in 1832 when he baked this delicious cake for his boss Prince Metternich and named it after him because he enjoyed it so much at the time of his visit at Sacher’s pastry shop.

Another story is about Mr. Franz Sacher’s son Eduard, who was the head chef in Hotel “Sacher” and he changed his father’s original recipe by adding more chocolate to make it even richer than before.

The sacher torte we know and love today was created in 1832. Back then it didn’t have the dark chocolate glaze that’s so common now, but instead had a layer of apricot jam on top of the buttery crust as its only filling.

How To Celebrate National Sacher Torte Day?

Celebrate National Sacher Torte Day by taking a slice of the famous Austrian dessert, which is otherwise known as an all-time favorite.

You can prepare your cake or buy one from any specialty shop for this special occasion – whichever you choose to do will make it more meaningful because they’ve been celebrating their shared love (the sweet taste) every day since 1841!

Sachertortes have even become popular around other parts of Europe and Asia too so don’t forget about celebrating with friends during #Sachertortedesjaynolds

One of the best ways to celebrate National SacherTorteDay is by baking it yourself. Although, if you’re not in Austria or don’t have access to a recipe that’s authentic enough for this holiday then consider ordering one online!

National Sacher Torte Day Syndrome

Many people who have a sweet tooth suffer from the National SacherTorteDay Syndrome. It’s known as an addiction to this special kind of chocolate cake that can cause some serious withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and mood changes! If you’re one of those people, then it might be best not to bake your sacher torte on this day.


The SacherTorte is well known to Austria and the rest of the world because it has a long history. There are many stories about its invention but one thing for sure, that cake remains famous in all parts of Europe and Asia too.

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