National Screenwriters Day – January 5, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Screenwriters Day is a day to celebrate and recognize the writers of screenplays. On January 5th, 2022, we will be celebrating National Screenwriters Day! The history of this holiday dates back to 1894 when an organization for theater writers was founded in New York City. This group’s goal was to “protect and promote” those who wrote scripts as well as encourage improvements in theater productions. In addition, they wanted their memberships’ work to be recognized by others. 

In 1954, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences created a special award for distinguished screenwriters called the Irving G Thalberg Memorial Award. It would then go on to become one of the most prestigious awards given out at the Oscars each year.

In 1972, the Writers Guild of America established a holiday to celebrate screenwriters. This day became known as National Screenwriter’s Day and was celebrated on January 21st (the writer F Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday). Three years later in 1975 it would be moved to January 23rd (to commemorate Charlie Chaplin) then finally settled on being held on January 25th (to commemorate Samuel Goldwyn).

History Of National Screenwriters Day

The National Screenwriters Day was founded by a website called “” in July 2016 to appreciate the talented screenwriters behind all of our TV shows and movies! We are one of many popular education sources for film writers around this world who celebrate it as an exciting holiday across America today!”

Interesting Facts About National Screenwriters Day:

Here are some facts about screenwriters to make your day more interesting!

Screenwriters are often in the dark when it comes to how their work will be received by audiences. Many have had success with one project, only to find out that another was much better when they saw it through other people’s eyes. But what about screenplays? 

Can you make money as a writer of plays or movies without being able to sell them based on your pitch alone? The answer is yes – if production companies buy rights from playwrights before adapting those scripts into films then there may be some hope for earned income during this tough period where many writers lose half-yearly just because there are so few jobs available online anymore.

Screenwriters must know how to write dialogue, action, and even specific directions for all types of camera shots. But they also need the ability to act out their stories for listeners and adapt as necessary. 

So if writers have a background in acting, it might be the extra edge needed to raise your chances of success.

How Can We Observe National Screenwriters Day?

1. Unmask the screenwriters of your favorite Movies & TV shows!

There’s a surprise in store for you on National Screenwriters Day! Find out who some of your favorite movies and TV shows were written by, with this list compiled from the internet. If they are working today make sure to drop by their office or leave them an appreciation note card because it would be great to see how much work goes into these masterful pieces that entertain us every day!

2. Recognize the screenwriters in the family!

I bet you have friends or family members who write screenplays, don’t ya? They’re probably good at it and deserve some recognition! Think about how pleased they could feel knowing their hard work is appreciated. It might be an idea if we all got together for brunch – just like old times 😉

3. Try Screenwriting on your favorite story today!

If you are looking for a creative way to spend your ScreenwritersDay, try writing an original movie script! If it is something that speaks to the story of who YOU are then consider taking my class on “What’s Your Story?”

I will help transform any idea into celluloid gold using insights I have gained from years teaching film at Columbia University as well as personal experience.

4. Show some love for Screenwriters on Social media!

Screenwriters are a crucial part of the film and TV industry, but many don’t know that they also write plays. Show your support for these great creators by using #NationalScreenwriter’sDay (#NSWD) or #Screenwriter’sDay on social media today!

Why Screenwriters Day? 

Not all of us have the privilege to act in front of the camera, but we can still celebrate our screenwriter friends. Why? Because without them there would be no movies or TV shows! They help bring everything together from visuals down with dialogs and emotions for an amazing experience on film. Directors may get more credit than they deserve about what goes into making a great movie–the writer has just as much power behind it whether you know that or not thanks again for reading this article.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and start celebrating National Screenwriters Day!

Screenwriters are not only the ones who write screenplays. They collaborate with other people to make sure everything is perfect for film, including directors and actors who must figure out their roles in a script before filming begins.

To show appreciation for all of the talented screenwriters out there and in training, ScreenwritingU created NationalScreenwriter’s Day! Since 2016 this day has been celebrated as a reminder from which we can learn about how much these people contribute.

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