National Seed Swap Day / January 29, 2020- How to Celebrate National Seed Swap Day?

National Seed Swap Day is an annual event that occurs on January 29th, the Saturday before Groundhog’s Day. It was first celebrated in 1975 and has continued to grow each year. The main goal of the day is to promote the conservation of seeds by exchanging them with others. This post will cover some fun activities for National Seed Swap Day, a history of how it started, and a celebration!

History Of National Seed Swap Day

The National Seed Swap Day is an annual event held on the last Saturday in January. This day was created to help people who are not well-versed with gardening or have small gardens because it’s difficult for them to buy seeds at local nurseries and Hardware stores that often carry few types of plants, especially if you’re trying out something new! The first official Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchange took place back in 2006 when over 100 attendees swapped stories about their achievements while growing veggies together; this has since become one huge tradition enjoyed by many garden lovers around America – don’t forget your gloves though (you never know what kind there might be)!

Activities For National Seed Swap Day

National Garden Clubs have a variety of activities planned for the day, but one main activity is to provide a time and place where people can swap seeds with each other. This allows gardeners who want to try new things or save money on buying new plants from local stores an opportunity to do so while getting to know fellow gardeners! If you’re not a part of any clubs, try to attend one or ask your local gardening club if they would be hosting an event that day.

Common National Seed Swap Day Activities Include:

  • Exchanging Seeds With Neighbors And Friends
  • Planting Flowers Together (Groups)
  • Making A Seed Collection And Taking Them To A Local Nursery
  • Planting Seeds In Your Garden (Individual)

How to Celebrate National Seed Swap Day

Activities are a huge part of the day, but what you end up doing with your seeds is also important. Many people choose to plant them in their garden or share some with their friends. However, the main point of the day is to promote conservation by saving seeds and sharing them with others! If you’re not into gardening or don’t have a green thumb, National Seed Swap Day might be your chance to learn how it works – just ask someone who knows about plants! This year’s celebration will take place on January 29th, 2022.

You can exchange your seeds that are in excess of the best variety for other gardeners on seed swap events. Help make diversity better and improve its standard with organic variants by exchanging them!


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