National Shut-In Visitation Day / February 11, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Shut-In Visitation Day?

National Shut-In Visitation Day is an opportunity for friends and family to visit seniors who are unable to leave their homes. It is a time to show appreciation, give support, and share laughter with those that may not have seen them in some time. Many people do not know the history of National Shut-In Visitation Day or what activities they can participate in on February 11th. This blog post will explore the meaning behind this day, as well as some ways you can celebrate it by visiting your local senior center!

Why National Shut-In Visitation Day? 

Imagine living your life behind closed doors, never leaving the house because you’re too depressed or sad. You feel cut-off from everyone and everything around you – even though they care about what happens to YOU!

It sounds like this lifestyle might not be for everybody but we want to help caring individuals who can’t take on such a responsibility themselves? Let’s give these people some consideration so that their mental state will improve soon enough:)

History Of National Shut-In Visitation Day

The origins of this day are still not fully understood, but one thing that is for certain is how selfless it can be. Celebrating a whole week dedicated to showing compassion and love has created an opportunity where people from all walks of life come together in celebration

Every year on Memorial Day weekend we have the chance at least try our best while also giving back by being there if someone needs help or just wants companionship during their time alone.

What To Do On National Shut-In Visitation Day? 

There are a ton of activities you can do to celebrate the meaning behind this day. Get together with a friend, family member, or even someone at your local senior center and pick up some flowers for their home! You could also take them out for lunch if they would like and go to a movie. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, do an activity that they love or used to enjoy doing! This is the perfect time of year for hiking, camping out in your yard, going on a picnic at the local park; the possibilities are endless.

The main thing we should all take away from this holiday is that it is just that, a holiday. It’s time for us to slow down and realize what we have in our lives. Spend some quality time with family or friends you don’t get to see on the regular! It may seem like something small, but this day can be life-changing for seniors who are oftentimes alone during their days.

How Can We Observe National Shut-In Visitation Day: 

National Shut-In day is a chance to visit people who are spending their lives behind closed doors. Some activities that you can do may include:

1) Make cards or gifts for local shut-ins, this will show them how much they’re appreciated in the community! 2) Check on seniors living alone and offer assistance if needed 3.) Offer support by driving around neighborhoods looking at homes where someone might need company 4). Join an awareness walk & run (or another fun event like paintball), raise money for charity 5.). Do volunteer work 6). Make a donation to your local senior center, they will appreciate it!

These are just some of the activities you can choose from – there is no right or wrong way to celebrate this holiday! Just make sure that if you have someone who lives alone and might need company on February 11th, reach out to them. This day isn’t about how you can help yourself, it’s about how to give back and care for the community around us.

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Keep these ideas in mind next year when February 11th rolls around so that we’re all ready! If you want more information on this day or any other upcoming holidays, check out our blog (link below) where we publish posts every week about unique holidays that you may not know about.

Playing a board game: This can include playing chess, carrom or even poker. You could also form groups if there are quite a few people present and it would increase the fun of your gaming session as well as brighten up their day! Reading books to them is another great idea – especially those tailored towards older adults who have trouble seeing anymore because reading out loud has been proven time after time again by studies conducted among other things to make life more enjoyable for all concerned parties including themselves to have a companion to read with.

What You Can Do For National Shut-In Visitation Day:

There are so many ways to get involved and celebrate this day! Here is a list of ideas on what you can do:      – Create cards for local shut-ins, or make them yourself     – Check in with seniors living alone to see if they need anything – Offer help with grocery shopping or chores around the house

– Spend some quality time together by watching a movie, playing board games, working on puzzles. This list could go on and on! With so many options available it’s hard not to get involved in this amazing holiday that brings people together.


National Shut-In Visitation Day is an amazing day to celebrate and spend with those who might not be as fortunate or healthy enough to go out. Many seniors find themselves alone during the winter months, so make sure you keep this in mind when February 11th comes around next year! Whether it’s visiting them, creating cards for shut-ins, or just spending some quality time together, it’s important that we don’t forget about the seniors who are shut-in.

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