National Spouses Day – January 26, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Spouses Day is celebrated on January 26th every year. The history and celebration of this day date back to the early 1800s when President James Madison designated January 26th as a national holiday in observance of George Washington’s birthday. Celebrations across the country include many activities such as cooking, baking, and sending cards or letters to their spouse.

History Of National Spouses Day

It is said that marriage has been around for as long as human civilization itself. It’s an institution so old and fundamental to our culture, it can be traced back in time thousands of years ago! But what about those who don’t celebrate weddings? What should they do on their wedding anniversary or how would you like to commemorate these days together with your significant other if there’s no big event happening soonish where everyone will know exactly why this day matters so much between just the two of us?

The fact remains: getting married was always meant at some point during life when someone wanted security from each other – not only financially but emotionally too; let alone having children then becoming parents later which means even more commitments than ever before. I think it’s safe to say that when you get married, the whole world is watching with all eyes on you (not in a literal sense of course – unless… you’re royalty)

I’ve never heard of a holiday that celebrates the relationship between two married people like this one. It’s kind of creepy, but endearingly, I guess?

The only time Spouse’s Day comes up on our radar is when my mom asks me if any events are coming up where she can find just ‘us’ which always brings back fond memories for her – whether they involve them going out to eat or sitting down together while watching whatever event was playing at home during these times…even if it ended badly!

For many military spouses, the day they get to celebrate with their loved ones is not only reserved for one special occasion; it’s an all-important event in itself. This year marks Military Spouses’ Day on May 11th and thanks to President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 initiative this has become more than just another workday or holiday weekend – families can enjoy quality time together while recognizing what these individuals do without question!

The significance behind our nation’s founding was given new life when he took about how important American soldiers were after 9/11 (or even before) so why couldn’t we take some credit over here at home too? And besides…what better way would there be found a way to honor and celebrate the ones we love than with a special day devoted just for them?

National Spouses Day Activities

1. Visit the place you first met

It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling when you remember where the first place I met was. It makes me feel like everything is going to be okay because in some ways they were my family back then too!

Yes – even though at times we may have had our differences it still felt so good walking home together after school with friends around us laughing by noisy cars or underlit trees while enjoying their company just being kids for once without worrying about what tomorrow might bring ̵( )

2. Cook for your spouse

Food is always a great way to show your partner that they matter. Surprise them by cooking up some classy food and sitting at the table if it’s not something you usually do together; this will make for more intimate moments in life!

3. Look back on your wedding day

Some people may find this game to be more entertaining if they are not newlyweds. You might live together, but how well do you know your spouse?


1. Eat, drink, and be married

Research shows that year three of marriage is usually the happiest for most couples. This is the period where couples focus on themselves instead of their children.

2. Marriage has a nice ring to it

300 couples get married in Las Vegas every day and it’s not just a scene from the movies.

3. Bride and gone to heaven

The thought of marrying a dead person may seem odd to some, but it is legal in France.

A 2005 law allows the resurrection and recognition of marriages performed overseas with documentation from another country’s authority that they were married according to their faith before death struck them down – which means these couples can get hitched again without jumping through all those pesky hoops required by traditional marriage laws!

4. Divorce of habit

With a divorce rate of 100 couples per hour, it’s no surprise that many marriages in the U.S are on shaky ground and may soon fail.

Estimates for the number of marriages that will end in divorce before 2020 show a shocking result. These figures look to be on track to make it the highest divorce rate in history!

Some experts estimate that this number could be as high as 40-50% by 2020!

5. A love date relationship

Gamophobia is a rare but terrifying phobia that goes by the acronym G.A., which stands for commitment-related fears like unwillingness to commit or being trapped in relationships where there are no good options available when things get tough.

* Gamofobi can affect anyone at any age, although it’s most common among young adults who haven’t established themselves professionally yet because they have high hopes for their future careers before getting married/engaged*. Since this fear will often come up during times of emotional distress such as stressful jobs interviews etcetera…


1. It’s a reminder of your love

The best day of the year is finally here! Of course, it wouldn’t be a great celebration without remembering all those special moments in our relationship. Do you know what I’m talking about the first date we went on together or where you told me that “you’re stuck” with me forever after dinner at 8 restaurants before deciding on this little Thai jewel box for us?

There are too many good memories to count when these events happen between two people who love each other very much… shouldn’t one deserving couple get MORE than just 14 lucky days!?

2. It’s inclusive

We all know, love, and cherish this day. This is a time to celebrate the commitment of marriage in your life!

This special occasion should be shared with everyone who you are close to or wish could attend–whether they’re single or coupled up. Please don’t discriminate against anyone on their marital status – whether newlyweds; engaged for years already-or married couples looking forward to adding another wedding date on their schedule.

3. It slows down our busy lives

In this day and age, we sometimes don’t have time to stop and show appreciation for our partners or slow down.

The modern world can be hectic – but that doesn’t mean you should take your loved ones for granted!

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