National STEM/STEAM Day / November 8, 2021 – How to Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day?

National STEM/STEAM Day is an annual event that celebrates the importance of science, technology, engineering, math, and arts education. On November 8th, 2021 it will be celebrated for the first time! 

History Of National STEM/STEAM Day

American students have been struggling to keep up with their counterparts in other countries when it comes to STEM disciplines. The problem is especially apparent if you look at the future workforce, which will not be prepared for this global economy due to low rates of success among American youth studying math and science compared with international peers. This issue may have dire consequences as predicted by recent research 

available since the 2000s about U-S’ countrywide educational shortcomings regarding these fields being major factors behind why they lag so badly now even though there were notable improvements after 2009 (the year most specifically). 

While people have been advocating for better STEM education as long as such data has been coming out, it was only in the last decade that real efforts were made to improve this situation. And now we can see encouraging signs of progress. 

There is hope because American educational institutions are currently offering more opportunities than ever before and there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm about STEM education among the governmental leadership as well as the private sector. In addition, there has been a push for diversity in this field which is critically needed to deal with challenges arising from globalization and technological progress. 

There are a few things you can do on National STEAM Day: celebrate it by posting some entertaining content on your blog, spend time at local museums, playing with STEM toys and games (for example, this game is very popular among kids), or get involved in your community to help children get interested into engineering. 

Here are some ways to celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day:

– Host a STEAM fair or other event focused on hands-on activities in your community. 

– Organize a day of service where you get together with friends and family to help out at your local school or library. 

– Create something (can be art, music, science experiment) that can be shared online using #STEMDay2021 or #NationalSTEMDay on social media.

– Use the hashtag, Twitter hashtag, and/or Facebook event page of your choice to announce your plans for National STEM/STEAM Day 2021. Keep the conversation going with others who are interested in celebrating too!

– Tell us about it by using this form. We’ll share what we learn!

– Join the Facebook community of STEM/STEAM Day to learn more and connect with others who are interested in celebrating too. 


1. It promotes important subject areas

In 20 years, trucks will be able to drive themselves and many jobs today may not exist. It’s predicted that the number of people without work or income because their job has been replaced by technology, is set to skyrocket as automation becomes more advanced in coming decades.

2. It creates a fun learning environment

You may have felt like all of your neurons were firing in sync as each number was called out, but there is no doubt that the instructor could tell you weren’t completely engaged.

We’ve all had those moments when someone tries to explain something too simply or uses an analogy so ridiculous it makes us want流浪to leave right then and there! Those types don’t bother me; after all, anyone who can do calculus will always find ways around any problem if they put their mind into solving them (and trust me-calculus is not easy!). However, what pushed my buttons during math class back at school was the inclusion of all those examples where you had to plug in numbers and work it out.

3. It strengthens our country

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the building blocks of most modern economies. They form an important foundation for innovation in any country that hopes to progress with their development as a society or nation state-and this holds no matter how poor they may be at first glance!


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