National Sticker Day – January 13, 2023 Activities, History, Celebration

National Sticker Day: National Sticker Day is a day that many kids and adults alike look forward to. It’s been around for over 50 years, with the first stickers being created in 1965 by a Swedish company called Semco. The founders of this company were inspired by making paper sculptures in elementary school and thought it would be fun to make something similar but more tactile. They experimented with various materials until they found the perfect one – vinyl!

History Of National Sticker Day

It’s a great day to get creative with stickers! StickerGiant started National Sticker Day in 2015 and it has become an annual tradition for people of all ages. The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared this event, observed on January 13th each year – also known as NSD-to be commemorated every single one hundred fifty-six days from now (or until we can’t find another excuse).

National Sticker Day Activities

1. Get some stickers!

Get your stickers on National Sticker Day! You can never have enough, so take the time to get some. Whether you need new ones for this year or just want fun DIY projects at home – we’ve got something in store for everyone who loves grabbing a sticker now and then.

2. Give the gift of stickers!

Sticking together is what friends are supposed to do. Sticking someone else with a sticker will make the conversation funny or political, so be sure they have your support!

3. Make your own!

Yes! You can make your custom stickers. Whether it’s a meme, photo of someone you care about, or just an adorable animal print with their name on it- anything is possible when designing the perfect sticker set for yourself and those who love them too.

You’ll need some basic supplies: acrylic paint in three different colors (one color per piece), transparency spray adhesive sheets from any craft store as well as sharpies if needed to label where each individual goes before sticking together; something stiff like cardboard boxes, etc., depending upon how large/thickly layered want them made but we recommend using lots paper towel first since watermark won’t show through once dry). 


1. They add flair

Stickers are the perfect way to jazz up anything you put on! We love sticking our laptops at coffee shops and cars. In school, stickers let us stand out from everyone else by looking more creative than they did before we applied our favorite designs with pride (and maybe even some caffeine).

2. They help us make a statement

Stickers are used to show which candidate you’re voting for during an election. They might be handed out at your polling place, or given as rewards after finishing some kind of task like volunteering on Election Day!

3. They are inherently happy

Stickers are always a good time. Whether you’re getting your sticker on the latest test, or sitting in traffic and seeing someone else’s bumper stickers peeking out from behind theirs – who could resist that?

Besides being just plain fun, something is exciting about sticking things where they’re not supposed to go! And what better place than our cars’ bumpers which oftentimes hold all sorts of little reminders for us like grocery lists or gym cards anyway right?


Not to be confused with the sticker shock of paying for gas, this syndrome refers to how people will get stuck on something that might just need a few seconds. We all know what it’s like when you’re not sure whether or not your favorite band is still together (in fact, we do – and they are). Similarly, we’ve got a thing for National Sticker Day and hope you do too.


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