National Take a Walk in the Park Day (March 30th)

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

This day is an opportunity to get outside and take a break from the hustle.

Take some time for yourself, or make it a family affair by taking your loved ones with you on this short walk in one of our nation’s many parks! National Take A Walk In The Lap Of Nature Day celebrates all that healthy living has done so far- from improving moods through meditation intactness…to increasing energy levels after just 20 minutes or less depending upon how energetic we are at the start off with?

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Why National Take a Walk in a Park Day?

We are more advanced in technology, and eventually becoming involved with it. Our homes have become apartment boxes while the food we eat is mixed with preservatives packed into plastic or tin; this affects our health adverse effects! We normalize sleeping late (which can lead to obesity) as well as waking up early – neither of this help you feel good on Monday morning either way…

When we live fast lives with never-ending commitments, it is easy to neglect our health. The consequences of this can be obesity and other serious issues like diabetes that are on the rise in urban areas because people don’t have time for themselves during their hectic schedule as they try hard at work or school all day long without taking any breaks from life’s demands.

The cost of mental health is high, especially in the case of teenagers and young adults. Due to lack of socialization many kids experience diseases like depression or anxiety which can lead them into loneliness as well – it’s a serious issue we face today without time enough to just play with others!

The importance of this day cannot be understated, for it provides us with numerous opportunities to enjoy our natural environment and make new friends while doing so! On National Take a Walk in A Park Day we are given not just one but many chances; from walking around town or going on hikes up mountainsides – whichever you prefer-to simply taking leisurely steps outside your house door. The beauty surrounding us is endless at any time during these 365 days per year (unless something blocking out view), which means there’s always more than enough reason to celebrate National Take a Walk in A Park Day with friends and family.

How can we observe National Take a Walk in a Park Day?

To get your blood flowing, you must take some time out of each day for physical activity. This can be as straightforward as putting on a pair of walking shoes and getting off the couch! You should also make sure not only will this benefit YOU but those around too by taking them with you while playing games together at parks etc., so family members do not miss out on all these fun activities simply because they don’t have anyone else living closeby who enjoys doing similar things. National Take a Walk in a Park Day is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family, loved ones, and friends while promoting good health!

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National Take a Walk in the Park Day is just around the corner! Celebrate by going on an adventure with your pet and spreading awareness about its benefits. post pictures online to show others how wonderful it feels for both you, as well as their pets that spend time outside exploring new places together.

Interesting facts on National Take a Walk in a Park Day:

Want to be more engaged with your day? Here are some facts that will benefit you.

Walking in a park, among trees and nature can be (>30 minutes per day) an excellent way to increase moods while reducing stress. It has been shown that it also lowers blood pressure levels as well according to studies conducted on humans over time by experts within various fields such as healthcare professionals or even self-led researchers like you!

Research shows how much happiness Walking brings about; not only does this activity make people happier but they tend to show more friendliness than those without these experiences too – especially if there is no other form of transportation available so far).

Michael A. Schwartz, an MD of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York says that walking can stop bone mass loss for those with osteoporosis and the risk is reduced by 40% among post-menopausal women who walked 30 minutes each day; according to a study done on men between ages 71 – 93 at University Virginia Health System (UVHS), it was found they who engaged in long walks had 50% less incidence dementia or Alzheimer’s disease than those without any kind physical activity routine.

History of National Take a Walk in a Park Day:

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) along with its partners, The Trust for Public Land (TPL), and Kaiser Permanente, first initiated National Take a Walk in a Park Day in October of 2014. The inaugural event was held on Saturday, October 18, and encouraged people to get outside and explore their local parks. National Take a Walk in a Park Day is now celebrated annually on the third Saturday of October.

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