National Tater Tot Day / February 2, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Tater Tot Day?

National Tater Tot Day is an unofficial holiday that takes place on February 2nd. It is celebrated in the United States and Canada, but it has not been designated as a national holiday. This day was created in honor of the famous tot dish – tater tots! On this day, school children get a free meal of plain tater tots with ketchup at their schools. Companies also give away free bags or boxes of their product for customers to enjoy. This blog post will go into more detail about what National Tater Tot Day entails, who celebrates it, how it came about, and other fun facts you might want to know!

History Of National Tater Tot Day

It’s National Tater Tot Day! Celebrate this delicious regional dish with a heavenly scoop of joy. You won’t want to stop at just one, so go ahead and order the whole thing- you’re going straight into an incredible weekend filled with happiness and treats alike when we say “Heavenly Hash.”

National Toyota DaY was founded in 2009 by food writers as they needed something quick for their copy quotas; after putting it on Twitter everybody seemed interested enough that we had our first celebration underway within days… And now every year around August fifth millions worldwide celebrate what has become known internationally: ‘taters & totals day.

It all started on a blog called Our Life In The Kitchen. One day, the food writers for that blog were writing copy and needed to find something quick – not just fast but “quick” as it had to be done immediately! They realized they could write about National Tater Tot Day since it’s an American tradition. Soon enough, they got the word out on Twitter that they were celebrating National Tater Tot Day. Then, it turned into something really big! People loved the idea of a holiday based around eating tater tots and celebrated throughout North America.

National Tater Tot Day Activities

  1. Have a tater tot eating contest

You never know when you’ll need a little pick me up. Always have your favorite condiments and antacid on hand, just in case!

  1. Head to your favorite fast-food restaurant

There are plenty in the U.S., but not all are equally good or bad for your health to serve them.

  1. Make your own

Though sometimes restaurants do it better, today’s a great day to test your baking skills and make some.

The best thing about cooking at home is that you can be as creative or easy-going with ingredients as possible without any fear of burning them – not even once! You also don’t need an oven (or stovetop) which means less clutter in the kitchen space too; plus no expensive electricity bill either if done inside by candlelight like we did last night…


  1. They weren’t always in vogue

They’re not just “ugly” potatoes. They have a lot of flavors and can even be cooked in different ways than other, more desirable varieties! For example, they taste great when fried or pan-roasted but also work well boiling on the stovetop with salt for French fries that will rival any fast food joint’s topping bar (maybe because these aren’t really all about appearances anyway).

  1. They aren’t called tater tots everywhere

I’m not sure why I always thought tater tots were just potatoes fried in batter, but it turns out they’re actually a type of tuber – think along the lines of an ear or two bad Luck charms. In Australia though? Well, these guys have some serious gem mines going on because their favorite food there is nothing else but “potato gems.”

  1. Americans eat tots — a lot

For some, tater tots are a delicious side dish. For others, they can be eaten as an appetizer or even breakfast! Americans consume about 70 million pounds of these test aimed triangles each year with many potential uses for them all around the world including Canada where people enjoy adding their own unique flavor ingredients like bacon into the mix making it much more interesting than just regular old potato chips that have been deep-fried then covered in salt which may sound appealing at first glance but aren’t really what most Canadians think makes something taste better- usually honey mustard sauce does since this was invented here long before any other condiment came along looking for its place among the best, and now we can’t imagine either without it!

  1. The name “tater tot” comes from the slang word for potatoes

A potato is a staple in most households, but it’s not just for potatoes. Throw in the word “tater” and you have an even more common name: Totaros

  1. Other names for tater tots

Potato rounds, potato puffs, and tater tots are all different names for the same thing: a type of fried food made from potatoes.


  1. Potatoes are an American staple

You can’t have bakes, scallops, or au gratin without potatoes. These tiny little totes are some of our favorites to munch on when we want something light and fluffy in the dead-of summer heat!

  1. Tater tots reduce potato waste

You may not know this, but they’re made from the leftover parts of french fries. By eating them and keeping potato waste at a minimum though you’ll be doing your part in helping save our environment!

  1. Tater tots are great for “on the go”

The Tots are the perfect snack! Baked potatoes aren’t very portable but these little guys can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. They also happen to taste great and have only 130 calories per pack – not bad for something you’d want in your pocket or bag at all times (I know I do).

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