National Telephone Day

Today is National Telephone Day! This annual observance celebrates the 25th of April, which was ALSO notable for being Alexander Graham BELL’s birthday. The United States chooses to commemorate this important moment in history because he revolutionized how we communicate with each other today through his amazing innovation that created our modern-day technology-phones…

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Why National Telephone Day?

The first telephone was a humble invention that changed the world. It’s also worth noting how much it has evolved since then – we now communicate digitally with people across various channels, and on April 25th of every year, you can commemorate this important date by taking some time for yourself or your company to remember what life was like without phones!

The telephone has been one of the most disruptive technologies in human history. It was invented back in 1876, and since then it’s spawned a plethora of innovations including unified communications which allows people from different parts of Earth to communicate easily without any fixed point-to-point linkages between them

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The ride this technology took us all on should not be forgotten by future generations!

The invention of the phone changed our lives forever, and we are all better at it. The first phones were bulky devices that required an outlet or extension cord to use—you couldn’t just leave your device charging while you went about doing other things like listening in on conversations from next door! These inventions gave everyone different levels of surveillance but there is no arguing with their functionality: You can’t talk without making contact these days now between work calls during dinner parties…

How Can We Celebrate National Telephone Day:

When it comes to phone calls, National telephone day is a yearly event where people across the world make their favorite form of communication more personal. This year we commemorate the importance and convenience that phones offer in our lives by engaging with friends & family on social media through hashtags like #NationalTelephoneDay so you can show off old photos from decades ago!

Interesting Facts on National Telephone Day:

The following information about telephone facts will brighten your day!

The first phone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson. They utilized the device’s invention, which had only been installed in several places up until then; they set out on March 10th, 1876 – today would have marked their 100th anniversary together with AT&T (their corporate namesake). Within ten years there were over 11 million phones nationwide: imagine what could happen within just two decades after that?

When Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922, all telephones were silenced for one minute concerning the inventor.

In 1956 an international telephone cable was installed that connected Canada and Scotland across oceans deep enough so as not be disturbed by noise from above-ground levels affairs like wars or natural disasters which had previously interference communications before then result was possible due to entirely too much static build-up when communicating over long distances using this technology – now you can talk anywhere! There’s no better way than having your say right here at home while commemorating National Telephone day.

History Of National Telephone Day:

Who would have thought that on April 25th of each year, people celebrate the creation of the telephone by an Englishman? It is true! The date itself isn’t just unusual because there are other potential days for such occurrences. But what does this interesting tradition mean and why do we bother doing so when another occasion may have been available instead – say May 28th or even October 4th-10th (the official international telecoms day)?

Bell Telephone Company, Inc., known as “the phone company” or simply Bell (or AT&T), was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1879. On May 11th of that year, he held an event to celebrate their 100 millionth telephone line being built – which is still considered one major achievement today! With this new accomplishment came recognition for NationalTelephoneDay where each governor/ Dignitary received gold phones along with PresidentLyndon B Johnson receiving his own set as well since it would be hard without them taking part in active duty service during World War II.

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