National Texas Day / February 1, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Texas Day?

Texas Day is a day of celebration for all people, but it’s also a historically significant day. On February 1st in 1836, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed at Washington-on-the-Brazos by delegates to the Convention of 1836. What started as an attempt to seek recognition from Mexico ended with the birth of an independent nation on March 2nd, 1836 when General Santa Anna and his army surrendered at Agua Dulce Creek near San Antonio.

Why National Texas Day?

The day is to explore and acclaim one of our treasures, Texas. The Historic sites are notable for their historical significance in addition to being some really cool places! There’s also lots of exciting adventure waiting around every turn – if you only have 24 hours it’ll be hard not to make new memories…

The time commitment required by this type of trip will vary depending on who’s taking part but I can promise that no matter how long your stay here there’ll still always be more things worth seeing than what was already seen before arriving at these locations along Interstate 30 between San Antonio (the Alamo)and Austin where travelers pass through several towns including Fredericksburg which has many wineries within 100 miles of San Antonio.

There is so much to do and see here in Texas that it’s impossible for a 24-hour period not to include something new and exciting. However, if we had to choose a few highlights I can say that the Fort Worth Stockyards is not only an attraction itself but also has restaurants and shops next door at Sundance Square which would be perfect for lunch or dinner before catching a movie theatre nearby or visiting museums such as The Kimbell Art Museum in Ft.

History Of National Texas Day

This year, celebrate the day of love on February 14th! It’s a time for lovers everywhere to show their appreciation. This holiday was initially created by National Day Calendar as part of their State Of The Union Holidays in 2017 and has since gained momentum among people who want an excuse to have some romantic celebrations every other month or so – just because it’s allowed doesn’t mean you should take advantage right away though…make sure your significant other know how much they matter all year round!

Facts About Texas 

The people of Texas are generous, kind-hearted, and welcoming. They love to celebrate what makes their state so unique – there’s always an excuse for a party! Proof? The thousands upon thousand evenings light up the night sky in colors you’ve never seen before.

Dr. Pepper was the first carbonated soft drink to be bottled in a glass bottle and not from wood barrels as had been done previously for other alcoholic beverages such as beer or distilled spirits like whiskey, gin, etc.. It is often said that he invented it back on July 13th, 1885 while sitting at lunch with co-workers who were complaining of being thirsty after working all morning long without any chance for a break because their employer didn’t allow them time off work unless they served him drinks during business hours! Today there are over 250 different flavors available which have made this classic American comfort drink even more popular than ever before – so much so you’ll find yourself reaching out towards one when offered simply water instead!

How we can Celebrate National Texas Day:

This hashtag is a great way to express your love for Texas on National Tennessee Day! Make sure you explore all of the history, Art, and People. Did you know there are over 100 ethnic groups living in our beautiful state? If not be ready because we have something new coming up this year-2018!

Popular destinations of Texas:


  1. South Padre Island:
  2. Rockport beach
  3. Mustang Island:
  4. Crystal Beach:
  5. Padre Island:


There are loads of places for shopaholics and nature lovers.


Allen is a beautiful city in Texas with many attractions for nature lovers and shoppers alike. The whole town will be like an adventure park, where you can find anything your heart desires at any price point!


National Museum of the Pacific War — Fredericksburg

Children Museum of Houston – Houston

The Alamo (Most important historic site) — San Antonio

Tracking Old Jail Museum – Gonzales

Amon Carter Museum of American Art —Fort Worth

Silent Wings Museum – Lubbock

LBJ Presidential Library – Austin

Iwo Jima Memorial & Museum – Harlingen

San Antonio:


Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the oldest museums in Houston, Texas which opened on January 16th, 1905. It has four floors with more than 25 permanent exhibit halls covering space science, life science, and our earth’s history! Not only that but this museum also contains a planetarium along with a historical weather tower capable of providing local atmospheric conditions or it can be used as a theatre for planetarium shows!

Enjoy this amazing museum which is located at one corner of Hermann Park, just off the Fannin Street exit on Interstate 69/U.S. Highway 59 in Houston is about six miles south-southeast from downtown’s central business district.

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