National Text Your Ex Day [October 30] Messages, Wishes, Quotes

What is your worst ex-love memory? The one that keeps on giving you pain even after years have passed and things between the two of them were over. Well, there’s a day for this type of feeling – National Text Your Ex Day! On September 13th we want everyone who has an urge or curiosity about their past lovers’ well being (and maybe some new ones too) to take time out from what they’re doing today to get answers: send him/her text messages asking whether he’s okay; check-up with her via social media like Facebook where updates will show posted regularly…whatever brings closure, National Text Your Ex Day will give you that chance. National Text Your Ex Day.

National Text Your Ex Day-Date

This Saturday, October 30th is the day that you should text your ex. No matter what kind of relationship it was or how recently things have cooled with this person- everyone deserves some peace in their lives and I’m sure they would appreciate receiving a message from us just as much at least once during any given period without feeling ignored!

Some Important Tips On National Text Your Ex Day

When it comes to texting your ex, there are many things that you need to consider. For example:

Do not text if have a toxic past relationship or any other wrongdoing done against them in the past few months since the breakup day has passed – this will only cause more pain on both sides! Also, think about how long ago these events took place because sometimes people forget what mattered back then but may remember later when under stress from another failed relationship attempt again soon after ending one’s last engagement cycle. Also, don’t text if you have a new love interest because it could be dangerous for you to appear as if trying to make them jealous. National Text Your Ex Day.

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You are not bound to celebrate this day. If texting your ex can harm their present relationship, then don’t do it! You should also think about what will happen in the future if you continue talking or seeing each other after breaking up and act accordingly by either moving on with life without them (or putting some distance) as well giving priority only when necessary for work purposes rather than personal reasons like going out sometimes just once together at least until things die down completely from where they currently reside.

How to Celebrate National Text Your Ex Day?

What better way to celebrate National Text Your Ex Day than by sending a text message? You can show that you’re still thinking about them, or just want another chance at getting back into their lives. If they don’t start seeing anyone new on this day then there might be an opportunity for repairing things between both parties!

You can’t get enough of that one-night stand, but you’re worried about what your friends might say when they find out. Is it worth hiding from them? Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for people who want to keep their casual relationships secret – send a text message or Facebook chat instead so there’s no chance they’ll ever know where this goes beyond just being “a friend.” It will be easy as pie (or should I say fiver) because we won’t let you miss National Text Your Ex Day!

When NOT To Text Your Ex:

Why are you still thinking about that guy/gal? This is going to make it difficult if you don’t get over them. It’s not being very long either – just playing games and being spiteful isn’t going to help anything anyway so why continue with such an unhelpful pattern of behavior! If your new partner deserves respect from both parties then there must be some serious issues happening between the two involved which do “t seem fair for anyone involved because we should all want our relationships healthy rather than full-blown toxic villains…

National Text Your Ex Day Messages, Wishes, Quotes

The feeling of being in love with someone who doesn’t want to be together anymore is heart-wrenching. It’s hard not knowing when they’ll finally realize what a mistake it was and take me back or if we’re truly over forever…

This is a letter I never expected to write. My heart has been breaking for months, and now that you’re gone it’s like all the pieces of my life will come together again in one perfect whole—except they won’t because there isn’t anything left inside me but pain 

I can see why people say “love Hurts” when someone leaves them but what does Loving Someone Do? It teaches us about hurting worse than any physical wound; if something doesn’t hurt us then it can’t be love, right?

The day I told my ex-boyfriend that he could never be mine again. The look on his face when we broke up was priceless and now every year at this time, there are always some people who want to know if they should Text their old flames from high school or college – so today might just end up being fun!

What have you done? You’ve come so far and grown more in this one year than any other period. So why would turning back be an option for YOU?! Get moving forward on your next chapter now–it’s what will make all of those years worth it!  National Text Your Ex Day.

Lining up a date with friends/family is always good too – they can give great advice or help brainstorm ideas if needed; plus their support means everything during these crucial steps towards finally getting over that ex once & forever!!

Final Words

You know that breaking up is never easy, but sometimes it can be a piece of cake. Getting over someone who broke your heart? Not so much! There are people out there who will always think about their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and let me tell you – some have really bad memories of our relationship. It’s tricky to face these things head-on because sometimes we feel peace when text messaging them instead… So why not celebrate National Text Your Ex Day on December 28th?

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