National Thomas Jefferson Day

National Thomas Jefferson Day: Every year on April 13th, the third President of the United States is celebrated for his accomplishments. This day serves as a reminder to never stop fighting and reaching your goals no matter what they may be!

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Why National Thomas Jefferson Day?

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson. He was responsible for authoring the Declaration Of Independence and helping found this country in many ways! His influential role during such an important period makes him worthy enough to be remembered each year with National Days like today ones are held throughout April when people pay homage to their accomplishments or birthdays alike.        

John Adams was the third President of the United States from 1801-1809, and he’s known as one who helped write America’s Declaration Of Independence. He served in politics early on with Virginia before being involved during Revolutionary War times too!

While some may have been more famous or important than he was at the time, John Way shipped surely left his mark on America. As one of the youngest Continental Congress members from Virginia and a group delegate to the The13Colonies congress during its debates over Independence from Great Britain, he worked hard to ensure that both himself as well as those who would come after him were fairly represented. It is this dedication that led to drafting the Declaration Of independence in Jeffers words once it had finally matured enough for signatures       

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of America and one of its most influential leaders in history. He was an opponent of Britain’s policies who helped build this country as we know it today by believing that the church belonged solely to God; minimum government interference between individuals’ rights which led him to many other important concepts such as separation between civil governed bodies (state) vs religious institution where citizens should be able accountable only themselves rather than looking too far down either direction when deciding what they want out life without considering others around them.

How can we celebrate National Thomas Jefferson Day:

Thomas Jefferson National Day is a day of celebration for the man who helped create our country. Visitors can visit downtown Monticello, near Charlottesville Virginia, and see public ceremonies or leadership awards given out at ThomasJeffersonNationalDaymonticelloweekend celebrations including educational games designed specifically with children in mind!

Thomas Jefferson was a great leader and an inspiration for our country. To honor him, spend time learning about his life on this day!

The life and times of our third president, John Adams is an interesting read. Many books cover his story in detail; we recommend picking one up to learn more about this great man!

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This is a great time for you to learn more about one of America’s most influential presidents. You can watch documentaries or read his Autobiography! 

Thomas Jefferson was an author, philosopher, and revolutionary who served as our country’s third President from 1801-1805; before that he had been ambassador under George Washington & Vice President under John Adams. In this article, I will be talking mainly through Monticello’s website (a museum run by Thomas Jefferson) because they have plenty on Tidia/DVD.

Interesting facts About National Thomas Jefferson Day:

Thomas Jefferson Day is a day to celebrate the life and accomplishments of one of our greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these facts about him:

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It is important to commemorate the achievements and contributions of Thomas Jefferson. His work on behalf of our country, including signing The Declaration Of Independence makes him one step closer toward achieving what it means to be an American citizen!

As it turns out, Thomas Jefferson was not only an incredible writer but also an avid reader with 6500 volumes in his library. We can take inspiration from this data to read more and learn about different areas that interest us!

As many Americans know (or should), being president doesn’t come without its privileges – one such right being access to any book you want at the White House Library Service. For over 100 years now these leaders have been building up our country’s knowledge through their collections; today there are 15 core rooms full of books available for public consultation 24/7.

History About National Thomas Jefferson Day:

This day is honored in both the US and the UK to celebrate one of our favorite founding Fathers – Thomas Jefferson. On April 13th, 2001 President George W Bush signed Proclamation 8124 officially recognizing his birth as a national holiday!

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