National Tile Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Tile Day?

National Tile Day 2022

National Tile Day is an annual event celebrated on February 23rd. It has grown in popularity over the years and has become a national holiday. Originally created to celebrate tile-making, it now honors all things ceramic! Read this blog post for more information about National Tile Day.

History Of National Tile Day

The largest international tile and stone show in North America, Coverings is the place to be for those looking forward to coverings. Founded by a group of designers who wanted an easier way to share their passion with others across all industries; National Tile Day has now turned into one big celebration where we shine a light on how beneficial tiles can really help out your design needs!

A new holiday was born as I walked through these doors–a day dedicated solely towards something that makes such beautiful items accessible not just financially but also physically so anyone could enjoy them without worry over affordability or access.

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National Tile Day was created by the team at Interior Design Mag to help bring more attention and exposure to ceramic materials. The group wanted a day when all designers, homeowners, builders, etc could come together in appreciation of this medium that is so often overlooked despite its beauty.

February 23rd Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


With pancake breakfasts being one of the most popular ways to raise money for those in need, many communities have turned this into an organized event. These are usually run by people who organize volunteer support at their local service organizations

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTileDay

In this day and age, many people are not able to see the beauty in tile work. This is because they have been conditioned by modern architecture which incorporates drywall or other materials instead of solid surfaces such as marble or granite. However, if your next remodel project includes a structural change where you’ll need new flooring material consider using ceramic tiles for their durability while also adding an elegant touch with colors like black & white!


National Tile day is meant to be a unique holiday that encourages all Americans to celebrate tile in their homes, businesses, and more. It was created with inspiration from the tiles used around the world in ancient times so we can continue this tradition today!

If you love ceramic interior materials for your home or business, write an article about it on Interior Design Mag!

I love ceramic tiles. I was fortunate to grow up in a home with many handmade items made of tile, which is why I enjoy using them today for my remodel projects and interior design needs. It’s always great when you can find local artisans who make their living by making beautiful objects like ceramics or mosaics.

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No matter what your reason is for celebrating National Tile Day, we hope you’re able to enjoy this special holiday and take the time to appreciate all that tile can add to your life.

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