National Time Refund Day- How to Celebrate National Time Refund Day?

National Time Refund Day

National Time Refund Day is a yearly event that celebrates the idea of time travel. The day was invented by Dr. Ryan Stone in 2020, with the intention of being celebrated on February 29th every year. National Time Refund Day began as an inside joke among friends who were all looking for ways to make more money, but it quickly became something bigger than any one person could have predicted. This blog post will explore everything you need to know about this special holiday- including history, activities, and celebrations!

History Of National Time Refund Day

National Time Refund Day is an opportunity to reclaim the best of your time-reflected on Leap Day. Founded by H&R Block, this day gives people who are owed a refund an extra two days in which they can take care of all those tedious paperwork details so that you don’t have any hassle when filing next year!

Americans want more freedom and less stress. With 70% of those surveyed saying they would spend money if it could buy them some time, it’s no wonder that Americans are turning to technology for an answer – with the internet providing us not just work but also socializing opportunities at home or on our phones all day long instead!

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While the celebration is every four years, it’s a gentle reminder to value the extra time and returns in life. Taking this opportunity will allow people of all ages to celebrate their awesome accomplishments with friends or loved ones as they share stories from across America about what has happened during those 12 months that was most memorable for them–and how grateful we should be!

National Time Refund Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the time. A perfect opportunity for all of us who have wasted our precious minutes by checking social media instead of doing something important in life, such as working on projects or finishing tasks ahead!

“National Time Refund,” also known as “NTRD 2020,” will be observed four years from now: February 29th – Leap Year Edition (2020).


Each year on the last day in February, Rare Disease Day brings awareness and education about rare diseases. These are illnesses that affect fewer than 1 in 20 thousand people worldwide!

Noglere af de dødbarske sår i kroppen kan føles lidt minderne ud fra ens eget spor – men du vil nok opleve enighed om den ovennævnte informationsordens begrænsning: “raret”. Udover et beskedent antal synliggjorte tilfælde indebar dette handlingssted at give plads knyttet direkte proces og processpræget læge-patient relationer. Denne generelle sundhedsstilstand skal dog ikke betragtes som en erstatning for den almindeligt foreskrevne medicine supplement, men i stedet være et hertil og har til formål at være en komplementer til dette supplement.

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A rare disease is one that affects fewer than one in 2,000 people and should not be confused with a common illness such as the flu. In Europe for example-rare diseases would include genetic disorders like Huntington’s chorea which only afflicts about 500 thousand sufferers worldwide or Parkinson’s disease (commonly found mostly among older adults) while here in America we consider anything below 20000 population levels “unusual.”

Rare diseases are often tragic and isolating. As a result, sufferers need to fight against the odds with few voices on their side for awareness of needs

Awareness isn’t something that is given lightly; it’s taken by those who have done all they can do simply because there aren’t enough people around them anymore.


A rare disease day is an annual event designed specifically for individuals with rare diseases. This allows them to connect and share their experiences while raising awareness about these illnesses among the general public as well as decision-makers in our healthcare system

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This year’s Rare Disease Day falls on Sunday, March 25th from 10:00 am-4:30 pm EST we hope you can join us!


First observed in 2008, rare disease day was established by Eurordis (the European Rare Disease Organization). This year, #RareDiseaseDayUSA was founded by The Alliance for Genetic Support Groups (AGSG) and the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), with support from rare disease patient advocacy groups.

NORD, a not-for-profit organization that sponsors research into rare diseases and other challengers to human health has just celebrated its 6th Annual RARE DISEASE DAY USA. Over $150 million dollars have been pledged by donors who are passionate about finding treatments for some of medicine’s most intractable challenges!

Nord Umbrella Organization For Rare Diseases (NORD) held their latest event on December 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New York City where they honored more than 80 honorees from 30 countries representing organizations whose work increases awareness or helps provide relief among people living with life-limiting illnesses including muscular dystrophy associations all around America.

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#RareDiseaseDayUSA is a worldwide observance for patient advocacy and awareness of rare diseases. The goal of this day is to increase the understanding, acceptance, and education about these challenges that affect so many families around America.

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