National Tooth Fairy Day- How to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day?

National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day is a day where kids and adults alike get to celebrate the tooth fairy! The event has been celebrated for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1959 that someone decided to formally declare February 28th as National Tooth Fairy Day. Celebrations of this event include eating lots of chocolate and other sweets, getting their teeth cleaned by the dentist, and gathering with friends and family to share stories about old superstitions involving the tooth or teeth. Keep reading for more information or visit our website at

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History Of National Tooth Fairy Day

So it should come as no surprise that somewhere along the line, Tooth Fairy Day was born. This day is a time to honor this generous spirit and thank them for their support by leaving treats or coins underneath children’s pillows on Tooth FairiesDay!

To this day, Tooth Fairies are still a mystery.

A long tradition in various cultures has led to the celebration of “Tooth Fairy Day”. Often celebrated towards the end of February with some mystery surrounding it because many kids have been told not only to expect money from your tooth fairy visit but also gifts on their bedside tables or under trees at night time when all adults were away working too hard during these colds winter months.

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After her discovery of the Tooth Fairy, this little girl quickly became determined to be revenged on all those who have never left an offering. She’s scoured every room in their house for coins and snacks but has yet found a way to leave one herself without getting caught!

As children, we all love to hear the Tooth Fairy story. This 18th-century French fairytale has some interesting elements that make it so captivating and enjoyable for young audiences:

1) A little good mouse helps an old lady fall down in order to get her teeth pulled out by his fairy godmother who turned him into one at night; 2) The tooth-pulling is done underwater where most people think their mouth doesn’t work well enough but then there’s this exception when he got them back with no problem after drowning three times before finally succeeding; 3)) They both end up happy because they receive beautiful diamonds from the royalty which were given only during royal coronations.

Beautiful stories have been told for centuries and it is no surprise that the Tooth Fairy has been a part of this. In history, people believed in extraordinary things such as magic or miracles which were not seen as reality yet at all!

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Tooth fairies may just be a legendary creature, but the tooth fairy is real and you should celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day in August! Just like any other child celebrating their birthday or Christmas, your first grader will love getting money from an imaginary person who doesn’t even need wings to fly.

Just as there are many mysteries surrounding this holiday (such as where did it come from?), we can debate how old our modern celebration of “Toothfairy day” really began – someone seems to have created September tenth specifically for kids losing baby teeth by initiating another tradition called “tooth-fairy.”

National Tooth Fairy Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie or read a book about Tooth Fairy tales

The Tooth Fairy, as we all know is a bit superstitious and she never leaves without paying her respects to those who have lost teeth. In this story about losing one of your own it’s important you keep reading because the Vault helps preserve memories from childhood that might otherwise be forgotten!

  1. Prepare for a Tooth Fairy visit

This year on National Tooth Fairy Day, help your child get ready for a visit by telling them about the legend of the Tooth fairy. Write their name in all capital letters onto an index card that can be placed inside of one’s “Tooth Fossil.”

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It’s time to celebrate our favorite holiday – it’s called National Toilet Paper Month because why not have fun while doing…business? Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Take care of your teeth!

National Tooth Fairy Day is a great reminder to brush your teeth and floss every day. We all know the importance of keeping our mouths healthy, but sometimes we slack off for one reason or another – maybe it’s an idea sparked by National Tooth Fairy Day!


  1. The Tooth Fairy collects a lot of teeth

On average, the Tooth Fairy collects 300,000 teeth from children every night.

She doesn’t just take one or two middle schoolers’ molars to use as cash either! The lucky ones can count on donating all their baby’s bottom wisdom in order for them not only go unbothered by cavities but also avoid braces down the line too.

  1. The going rate for teeth

The Tooth Fairy is not as generous nowadays. They used to pay $1 for a tooth, but due to inflation, this has increased up into the hundreds!

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  1. There was a Tooth Fairy Museum

The Tooth Fairy Museum is a must-see for any parent who has children. It’s full of fun information about the tooth fairy, myths, and legends surrounding her name, plus interactive games where you can test your child’s knowledge on everything from what country she comes FROM to how much candy each person expects in return!

  1. Most children believe in the Tooth Fairy

According to a recent study, about 40% to 65% of children believe in the Tooth Fairy. The percentage ranges depending on how old they are and what country you’re from because different cultures have their own beliefs about who leaves behind this magical being or spirit that brings with them little toys for good luck when they go off into another realm after robing pearly whites!

5.No one actually knows what the Tooth Fairy looks like

There are many different opinions about the appearance of fairies. Some people think they look like Tinkerbell with wings, while others say that it depends on who you ask because there isn’t a widely-held consensus among experts in the field as well! Dr. Rosemary Wells conducted her own survey and found out what most American children believed: for them, Christmastime without any presents would not be Christmas at all, but the Tooth Fairy is a very special exception to this rule.


  1. Excitement in children

A catchy phrase for children is to “wake up with a gift from the fairies.” A tooth fairy can be discovered after they have been reunited and it will make them feel excited knowing there are still people out in this world who care enough about their teeth!

  1. The fun of folklore

Fairy tales hold a special place in our hearts and minds as children, but adult fans enjoy them too. They’re the perfect escape from reality for those who need one.

Fairy stories have been around since centuries ago when they first began as oral traditions to entertain illiterate masses with thrilling adventures like Snow White or Cinderella. In more modern times we still find ourselves captivated by these fantastic narratives which speak directly at us through their entertaining style of storytelling – so much so that nowadays fairy tale bookshelves can be found all over libraries across America!

  1. It shows how resilient and brave kids really are

A child’s first tooth is usually the most difficult to lose because their mouth has changed so much. There are many physical changes that happen at every stage in a person’s life, but no matter what age you’re talking about there will be some kind of change!

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