National Tortellini Day / February 13, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Tortellini Day?

National Tortellini Day is coming up on February 13, 2022! On this day, people all over the world will be celebrating tortellini of every shape and size. For some of you reading this, that sentence might have gone right over your head. In which case we’re happy to tell you more about National Tortellini Day – it’s a holiday that has been celebrated since 1999 when an Italian living in Washington D.C., Mario Batali, wanted to honor his favorite food by creating a national day in its honor.

History Of National Tortellini Day

Tortellini, the iconic dish of Emilia-Romagna Italy, and its most famous food export is a perfect match for any occasion. It should be eaten while sipping on Lambrusco wine which also originates from this region in Bologna.

The Tortelli Alla bosciamola (“tortilla forest,” or “forest mushroom”) has been said to have originated around 500 years ago when it became popularized after being served at weddings by emperors who wanted an easier way to get rid of their appetites between courses.

There are many stories about the women of Italy, but none as notorious or scandalous as Lucrezia Borgia.

The daughter of Pope Alexander VI and one-time wife to Alfonso d’Este (of Ferrara), she became famous for her affairs with other powerful men-and spying on them too! Allegedly it was while watching this particular act that an inhabitant spy saw enough skin when peeked through the keyhole; thus earning him his moniker “keyhole stealer.”

The Roman gods, Venus and Jupiter decided to spend the night in a Bologna Tavern. They had spent their whole day working hard on Mount Olympus so they could be closer with humans; one way or another we reap what we sow-or rather the people of Earth get whatever punishment is due to them after all our wrongdoing throughout history…

After eating, they went to their room. However, the Tavern keeper was so captivated by Venus’ beauty that he attempted to look at her through the keyhole of the door as if it were some kind of legend from long ago!

National Tortellini Day Activities

  1. Learn to make your own tortellini

Making your own tortellini shouldn’t be difficult, and it can lead to an enjoyable afternoon project that yields a delicious dinner.

  1. Explore the tortellini in your city

Not only will you find tortellini in most of the Italian restaurants around town—you’ll also see them available on many other menus, too.

  1. Host a tortellini dinner

With a selection of tortellini, you can have friends over for pasta night.

Do you know what would be great? A big ol’ jar o’ ravioli! It’s time to get your noodles on and invite some people over – just make sure they’re worth eating because these suckers don’t grow on trees (unless maybe Cardelli).


  1. It’s the ultimate fast food

Tortellini is a great way to enjoy fresh pasta, but it can be hard finding them in stores near you. Luckily there’s always the option of purchasing some from your local specialty shop or supermarket! I like buying mine when they first come out because then all we have to do with cook up quickly and eat right away – which means even more deliciousness for us (and less leftover tortelli).

  1. It’s a good carb

People often reach for pasta when they need a quick and easy carbohydrate to eat, but there are many different types of noodles out on the market. The type you choose will depend primarily upon what flavors appeal most to your taste buds! I

In general, carbohydrates provide energy sources in our diet that help keeps us going throughout each day without feeling too sluggish or tired from eating them at specific times during the day. Pasta is one such food that has been associated with providing essential sugars found within muscle fibers allowing athletes greater endurance due specifically due to their ability to use up stored glucose fast after exercise rather than relying mainly heavily on the breakdown of muscle protein.

  1. There are unlimited ways to enjoy tortellini

Tortellini is pasta that can be made with many different ingredients. The traditional filling of these noodles consists of meats seasoned in Parmesan and nutmeg served atop an egg yolk sauce, but there are tons more popular versions like ones filled with mozzarella cheese or lasagna-like fillings!


I hope you enjoyed the information I shared about National Tortellini Day. It is a great holiday to celebrate and make delicious tortellini!

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