National Tortilla Chip Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day?

National Tortilla Chip Day 2022

National Tortilla Chip Day is a holiday that celebrates the delicious, crunchy corn chip. This day is celebrated on February 24th of every year and has been since 2007. The celebration of this special food began in Southern California with a group of friends who wanted to have their own “national” food day. On National Tortilla Chip Day, many people celebrate by eating tortilla chips with dips or simply as a snack. In addition to that, there are also some other fun ways to celebrate including: making your own tortilla chips at home, trying one of these recipes for baked tortillas chips, and more!

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History Of National Tortilla Chip Day

Tortilla chips are a delicious, salt-covered appetizer that originated in Mexico. The exact date of their creation is unknown but it’s thought to have been around 1900 or earlier!

Since then, tortilla chips have become a staple snack in many homes and restaurants. The first commercial tortillas were made by the El Zarape Tortilla Factory of Los Angeles on March 20th, 1964. These early products were called “Taco Chips” but later changed their name to “Fritos” for marketing purposes since they had more brand recognition.

The first tortilla chip factory was established in 1976 by Rebecca Webb Carranza and her husband, Richard who called their company “Tortilla Manufacturing”. They produced the chips that are now known as “Tostitos” which is currently owned by Frito-Lay. The recipe for baked tortillas chips was a result of a contest held by the company in 1989 and is still enjoyed today.

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National Tortilla Chip Day Activities

  1. Make your own tortilla chips

The best tortilla chips come from a local market and of course, you can always get great ones at the Mexican restaurant down the street.

  1. Buy a bag and some guac

A classic combo of guacamole and salsa is the perfect solution for your next taco day! Stop by any local grocery store to grab some tortilla chips in addition.

  1. Host a chips and salsa night

Tortilla chips are the perfect party food, so throw them a big celebration! Host an exciting night with friends and family by asking each person to bring her favorite type of tortilla chip (salsa optional)

A fun way to celebrate your love for this tasty treat is hosting an all-night shindig where everyone brings their own salsa or dip.

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  1. They’re a social food

Share this delicious corn with your friends and family to enjoy the perfect party. Nothing can make a get-together like salsa, tortilla chips, or even nachos!

  1. Nachos

Nachos without tortilla chips is just a gooey mess. Tortilla chips make the dish, and this delicious Mexican delicacy has become an international staple over time!

  1. They are the perfect vessel for any salsa

When it comes to potato chips, there are many flavors and styles. Some people like the mild taste of tortilla chips while others enjoy something saltier for their enjoyment; chunky or thin textures can also be enjoyed by consumers with different tastes in foods that will fit any mood they’re trying to achieve!


National Tortilla Chip Day is an exciting holiday that celebrates one of the most delicious snacks known to man. This day can be celebrated by making your own chips at home, trying new recipes like baked tortillas chips, and attending National Tortilla Chip Day parties!\

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