National Vet Girls RISE Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Vet Girls RISE Day?

National Vet Girls RISE Day 2022

National Vet Girls RISE Day is celebrated on February 19th of every year. The day is to honor the brave women who have served our country as veterinarians. It also serves as a reminder for those who are still deciding whether or not they want to pursue this career path.

Veterinarians are crucial members of the military and help keep soldiers healthy and happy! This blog post will provide you with all of the information you need to know about National Vet Girls RISE Day, including some interesting facts about veterinary medicine and how it has evolved over time, tips on how to get involved in your community and celebrate this special day, and more!

History Of National Vet Girls RISE Day

Vet Girls RISE founded National Vet Girl’s Day on February 19, 2019. As a way to celebrate the contributions of women veterans and provide an opportunity for them to share their stories with others who have served in uniformed services or donated blood while fighting wars abroad, this day was created by Vet girl organizations across America!

The idea for the day was inspired by Mary Walker, who became one of the first women to receive a medical degree in 1855. She fought so hard for her independence because she didn’t want others thinking that just because she was female, she couldn’t provide care for those in need during wartime. Unfortunately, there were many obstacles preventing Dr. Walker from practicing medicine: she was turned down by the army, and wasn’t allowed to serve her country in uniform. However, because of all of these challenges that Mary had faced; we now celebrate this important day!


Connect with other women veterans for camaraderie and support on National Vet Girls RISE Day. Join a VGR meetup at various designated restaurant locations throughout the United States to affirm your commitment as an ally of female vets!

On November 12, 2017, we will be celebrating Veterans’ Day by honoring all who have served in any capacity including those that are not recognized because they’re still active duty or retired members from decades ago but also honor their service by coming together as one big family unit where it seems like every single person has something different about themselves just shining through whether you are black belt champion athlete poet singer-actor inventor author baker cookbook writer…etcetera!

About Vet Girls Rise

Vet Girls RISE is a resource and knowledge stream for women veterans. They provide support to those who are transitioning from military life, as well as help with any other needs that arise during this process such as emotional adjustment or self-care strategies

The Vet Girl initiative started in 2017 under Active Veterans With Answers (AAWA) which offers peer mentorships among its services; we aim at turning every lady vet into an empowered version of herself so she can stand proud after service without fear of losing herself in the process.

It all started with a single tweet! #VetGirlsRISE was created by AAWA Founder, Jessica Tice who has been providing services within the Armed Services for over four years and is dedicated to empowering veterans through mentorship opportunities & female empowerment events. We are devoted to giving back to our community and promoting the well-being of other women veterans and their families.


National Vet Girls RISE Day is a day for everyone to celebrate women who have served their country. By using the hashtag #VetGirlsRISE, you can help spread awareness about this special holiday and how it helps us remember all of those that are still serving our nation today!

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