National Wisconsin Day / February 15, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Wisconsin Day?

National Wisconsin Day: National Wisconsin Day is a day to celebrate the wonderful state of Wisconsin. If you are not from this great state, you may not know what there is to do on February 15th. That’s why I’m here! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the histories behind National Wisconsin Day as well as some ideas for how you can spend your time today. So grab your cheese curds and let’s get started!

Why National Wisconsin Day?

The state that held the resources of copper richly, lead, forests, and farmlands was first discovered by Jean Nicolet.

The settlers brought with them a change in the air, and dairy farms began to blossom. Later on, they grew so much that people started calling this state home for their delicious cheese!

The cows were the first to come, and they turned our fields into lush green pastureland. The taste of their milk puttered in my mouth like sweet dew on flower petals – it’s hard not be want more!

They gave life back by giving us something so important: carbohydrates from an animal protein source rather than grains- though at times I still crave bread or pasta despite knowing how good these foods can make me feel later down the line (especially after hours spent working).

Next came Father Joe who taught all about making beer because he knew we would one day need strong arms for its defense against greedy foreign powers out there trying to steal away what was ours before long enough.

If you’re looking for a place with plenty of lakes, this is the perfect state. Whether water-sport enthusiasts or those who enjoy hiking and camping in their spare time; Wisconsin has it all!

On June 11th, the whole state of Wisconsin came together to celebrate one thing: Us.

That’s why National Wisconsin Day is so important – it reminds us all about our shared richness in history and rich joys!

History Of National Wisconsin Day

The people of Wisconsin have a lot to be proud about. They are known for their exceptionalism and hard work, two things that make them stand out in this world where so many others struggle just to get by each day.

But when it comes down to our favorite subject: Sports! We’re not satisfied until everyone understands how great they really were – from high school football stars all the way up through professionals like Antwaan Randle-El or Brett Favre; we may seem obsessive but deep down inside I’m sure there’s still love waiting around every corner for you too.

As far as the history of National Wisconsin Day, this holiday was first recognized on February 14th back in 1839 by Governor Nelson Dewey who declared that every year thereafter, children would be given a day off from school to learn about their great state!

Celebrate National Wisconsin Day

In the mood for a little family time? On this day, why not make some cheese curds and watch your favorite movie together with everyone! Or if you want to get out there on an adventure so big it would last two lifetimes; take up hiking or biking through one of our many trails. No matter what you chose to do, just remember that National Wisconsin Day is here for all of us and we should cherish it.

And don’t forget – next year February 15th falls on a Saturday! Check out the list below for some ideas:

-Take in an ice fishing tournament together as a family (we get really cold winters but the ice is so clear it’s worth the time to come!)

-Visit a local dairy farm and see how cheese, yogurt, or butter are made! Have you ever seen milk in its natural state?

-Take a trip out of town for some shopping at one of our amazing malls! We have over 100 across this wonderful land – there’s bound to be one near you.

-Go out for a family dinner at your favorite restaurant! Check Groupon or Living Social for exclusive coupons and deals on places like Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebees, Olive Garden, Fridays – they’re all part of our wonderful team that’s putting delicious food in front of us whenever we want it. Now, we can celebrate with the whole family!

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Interesting Facts on National Wisconsin Day:

Here are some truly fun facts about Wisconsin that I bet will surprise you!

Ever heard of the first kindergarten class in America? Well, it was held at Watertown. And to this day they keep that location reserved for little kids!

The very first ice-cream sundae ever was served up by Two Rivers Wisconsin native Alice Ramsey back in 1896 – you can see her place on our menu today as an option between vanilla or chocolatey goodness (both are delicious).

As well there’s a museum dedicated just to collectible dolls called Fennimore Doll and Toy Museum…a gift directly from heaven if I do say so myself!


As you can see, National Wisconsin Day is a wonderful opportunity to get out there and celebrate what makes us great. Stop in at your local grocery store or department stores where they’re bound to be giving away free samples of some of our favorite foods!

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