National Yellow Bat Day

National Yellow Bat Day

The National Yellow Bat Day is a day to commemorate the efforts of brave people who risk their lives for our country. On this particular date in 1967, an army unit was activated within one of America’s most famous divisions -The 101st Airborne Division- and they were permitted by Congress so that these special forces could protect key points around battlefields during wartime!

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Why National Yellow Bat Day?

The bat with outstretched wings on a full moon rising is the official insignia or logo of 265th Army Security Agency Company. The motto, “Through The Night Below” reflects their mission which entails protecting our country from all threats – both above ground as well below it!

When the troops were about to be deployed, they painted every military vehicle and requisite equipment with a yellow bat. The symbol made individual units’ assets visible from afar which helped them identify their forces easily in case of emergency or confusion during combat conditions

The soldiers had done this before going into battle so that when fighting began everything would still look familiar even if there was smoke rising all around you-it meant survival!

The 265th Army Security Agency Company was deployed to Vietnam with the designation, “265 Radio Research Co.” The unit’s mission was primarily intelligence support for the 101st Airborne Division. However, they arrived just before Tet Offensive and eventually discovered the North Vietnamese campaign – despite being fully operational only weeks beforehand!

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Tet or Vietnamese New Year is a very special day. Amid war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam there existed an ancient truce that served for over five decades before it could be broken on 31st January 1954 when General VO Nguyen Giap planned his assault using this date as leverage during what would come to be known internationally as “The Lunar Calendar offensive”.

He believed strongly in its power not only because he wanted revenge after many years spent living under Japanese occupation but also out fear-that without taking control at home nothing else matters: victory now means survival for the entire nation.

Fortunately, the 265th RRC (ABN) was watching over its region’s defensive perimeter at Bien Hoa Air Base along with a very few small units that believed their intelligence reports. They were able to stop this major attack before it began!

How we can celebrate National Yellow Bat Day:

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Learning about the Vietnam War

Understanding the Vietnam War is important for multiple reasons. First, it can help us celebrate this national holiday by learning more about what happened in history and how units across America served during one of our country’s most momentous conflicts-the Viet Nam Conflict!

Read about the Tet Offensive about the 265th.

The day of the Tet Offensive was significant in many ways. One way to understand its meaning, while also getting a fresh look into what happened during this battle is with books like “The Sentinel and The Shooter” by Dr. Jorgaolia that provide detailed information on both sides!

Honor those who served during a contentious time in our country

honored the soldiers that served during this exceptionally contentious day by touring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and volunteering for a veteran’s organization among other noble gestures

Interesting facts about National Yellow Bat Day:

This day is considered to be one of the most auspicious in India. It’s also known as “Bedaaram” which means “first” or ‘HEAD’ when referring specifically towards Lord Buddha meditating under a tree with no Successors before him.”

On January 31st, the ancient Vietnamese calendar of Tet is celebrated as an important holiday. It’s considered to be more significant than Christmas or even Buddha Day for some people in Vietnam! On this day 265th Army Security Agency Company (Airborne) with 101st Airborne Division was activated at Fort Campbell Kentucky from where it took its motto – Through The Night Watch.

The bat signifies flight while also referring back to us being located deep within America itself; between two oceans which represent protection against enemies abroad. National Yellow Bat Day celebrates the unique and significant contributions that bats make to our environment while also raising awareness for their conservation.

History of National Yellow Bat Day:

National Yellow Bat Day is a day to celebrate the importance of bats in our lives. It all started when Doug Bonnot, President at The Sentinel Chapter 101st Airborne Association submitted his idea for an annual event and it has since become observed across America as well international communities!

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