Overdose Awareness Day Messages, Quotes and Slogans – 31 August

August 31st International Overdose Awareness Day is a strong reminder of the damage that drugs do to our society. It is a day to remember those who have been the victims of overdoses as well as those who have emerged victorious from the dark hole with the help of loved ones and to ask if the war on drugs has been effective.

The goal of International Overdose Awareness Day is to reduce the stigma associated with this problem, which is often faced by the families of the victims. Many who are not aware of the reason behind the overdose unjustly blame the victims. This kind of attitude only works to flare up the negativity around the subject, suppressing any attempt to raise awareness. August 31 is the day to come out and stand in solidarity to reduce future overdose deaths.

We bring to you Overdose Awareness slogans and International Overdose Awareness Day messages which you can also share on Facebook and WhatsApp.

International Overdose Awareness Day Messages

“Let us create this world a better place to live by saving people from drug overdose…. Warm wishes on International Overdose Awareness Day.”

“On the special occasion of Overdose Awareness, let us work together to control drug overdose by bringing more and more awareness about it.”

“Any kind of addiction is bad addiction and the best way to control is by coming out of it…. Happy Overdose Awareness Day to you.”

“Many lives have been lost and many families have been destroyed because of overdose… Let us stop that on Overdose Awareness Day.”

“Stay healthy and happy….. stay away from an overdose of drugs…. Wishing you a very Happy Overdose Awareness Day!!!”

Overdose Awareness Day Quotes

“Addiction has the power to destroy but don’t let that happen ever…. Happy Overdose Awareness Day to you.”

“Life is very precious and you must never waste it but live it healthy…… Wishing a very Happy Overdose Awareness Day.”

“Overdose Awareness Day reminds us that we must not let our happiness go for a toss with drug overdose.”

“Happiness lies within and opportunities lie outside, don’t look for solutions into overdose…. Happy Overdose Awareness Day.”

“It is very important for us to make our generations aware of overdose to prevent them…. Wishing a very Happy Overdose Awareness Day.”

Overdose Awareness Day Slogans

“Overdose of anything is bad, it can kill you and harm your loved ones.. Say no to drug overdose!!”

“If you want to be lost in something, be lost in something good.”

“Overdose awareness is important to save our today and our tomorrow.”

“Drugs are just for those who cannot accept or handle reality.”

“Life is what we can make of it…. Let us work hard to make it a better one with overdose awareness.”

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