World Cup 2022 slogan “Expect Amazing”

The 2022 World Cup watchword is” Anticipate Amazing”. Qatar has won the association of the 2022 World Championship through the crusade with the watchword” Anticipate Amazing”.

In addition, the association also uses other taglines as part of the brand around the football event. These are the taglines in a row:

  • Expect Amazing
  • Delivery Amazing
  • Road to 2022
  • #SeeYouIn2022

The watchword with which Qatar won the assignment promises a lot. By investing a lot of plutocrats, Qatar wants to offer an exceptional football event, with beautiful new colosseums in its own culture and tradition.

Football suckers can enjoy innovative armature in the metropolises and state-of-the-art cooling technology in the colosseums. Players and suckers can stay in high-quality hospices and sports lodgment.
The watchword” Delivering Amazing” lives up to the word. When allocating the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, the host country promised to anticipate the exceptional. Now Qatar proves itself by actually delivering the special.

In the run-up to the World Championship in the Middle East, as a football addict, you were kept informed of the rearmost news via the taglines” Road to 2022″ and the hashtag” SeeYouIn2022″.
All by each, the end of the World Cup watchword is to take us on a trip to the final event and to connect all societies through football.

The 2022 World Cup theme

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