10+ Stress Awareness Day Messages, Wishes & Quotes 2022

Stress Awareness Day Messages: National Stress Awareness Day is a day to celebrate the importance of taking care of oneself and understanding that stress is a natural part of life. It’s important to take time for yourself and allow your body to recover from the stresses you experience throughout the day. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can celebrate National Stress Awareness Day by doing just that!

History Of National Stress Awareness Day

The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) is a registered charity that promotes knowledge about stress, best practices for managing it well and avoiding performance problems.

In celebration of National Stress Awareness Day on September 13th-16th this year, they have sponsored an event where people can learn more about how to handle their work-life or personal lives when under pressure from increased workloads at home due to illness in the family, etc… The organization offers workshops around Canada annually so head out if you live near one!

This year, National Stress Awareness Day falls on November the third. Chronic stress is dangerous and can lead to life-threatening problems such as hypertension, heart diseases, or decreased immunity. It also reduces your sociability with friends and family members due to emotional withdrawal which will affect their relationships too!

This passage discusses how chronic stresses may harm you physically because it affects the body in many ways: through reduced vital energy levels (which can make someone feel exhausted), headaches; difficulty sleeping well at night; feeling sick more often; and even arthritis. Chronic stress can also be unhealthily addictive for people who are too used to living their lives under pressure which affects relationships with friends, family members, or your partner!

What To Do On National Stress Awareness Day

Take time out of your day to recognize how you are feeling and think about what caused it. Are there any solutions that can be implemented immediately? If not, schedule a break for yourself at least once or twice throughout the workday.

Check your blood pressure and heart rate periodically throughout the day to make sure it’s normal. If you feel that either of these is increasing, schedule a break for yourself immediately! This is especially important if you have been experiencing increased stress levels recently. 

Schedule some time during National Stress Awareness Day to get organized: go through old paperwork or emails to clean things up around the office. This is a great way to minimize stress in your life without making big changes all at once!

Stress can be difficult for some people, especially if they’re feeling overwhelmed by their workload. Make sure you have an outlet where you can talk about how you are feeling so that others know when it’s getting too much.

Best Stress Awareness Day Messages, Quotes

Wishing a very Happy Stress Awareness Day to you. Let us celebrate this day by making more and more people aware of the existence of stress.

Taking stress lightly is letting yourself into a bigger trouble. Let us not ignore the symptoms and make everyone aware of this issue. Happy Stress Awareness Day to you.

Till the time we are going to live, we will have stress surrounding us in some way but we must not ignore it but be more aware about it. Wishing a very Happy Stress Awareness Day to you.

The best way to stay away from stress is by meditating every day and finding solutions to your problems without getting agitated. Warm wishes on Stress Awareness Day to you.

Stress is like a slow poison which kills us every day and therefore, we must make everyone more aware of it. Wishing a very Happy Stress Awareness Day to you.

The occasion of Stress Awareness Day reminds us that stress cannot be taken lightly and we must work towards easing stress from our lives for a better life. Happy Stress Awareness Day.

There can be various reasons for stress but there is just one way to deal with it and that is by staying calm. Make sure you include meditation in your routine. Happy Stress Awareness Day.

If we will not deal with stress then it is going to eat away our peace, happiness and joy of life. Let us make everyone aware of stress on Stress Awareness Day.

The occasion of Stress Awareness Day reminds us that ignoring stress is the worst thing we can do to ourselves as it is going to gradually destroy us. Warm wishes on this day.

Where there is stress, there cannot be happiness and peace. Therefore, we must wake up and create awareness about this serious issue. Happy Stress Awareness Day to you.

Celebration Ideas & Activities

Celebrating National Stress Awareness day is very easy in Montreal because of the many activities and events that are organized around this theme. One of the best ways to relax is through mindfulness meditation techniques, yoga classes, or other activities such as art therapy which can help you reduce stress levels and increase your life satisfaction!

  1.  Do NOT worry!

This is your one chance to enjoy 24-hours worry-free! If you’re feeling down, don’t spend the day thinking about all that negative energy. Instead, opt for a carefree and stress-free lifestyle by doing things that make us happy

This passage celebrates “Day Without A W,” because, in addition to being a great opportunity to take some time off work without any duties weighing on our minds or shoulders (worries!), it also offers an unparalleled atmosphere where we can do whatever makes us feel nergriefful–whether its binge-watching Netflix at home with no distractions from social media platforms like Instagram, watching the latest movie releases, or even going out for a last-minute weekend getaway!

  1.  Contemplate your stress-points

We all experience stress. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed, pressured, or just stressed out! But what happens when your daily life feels like one big stress fest? The good news is that there are ways for us to take back control over our emotions and live more satisfying lives without suffering from constant anxiety attacks (or worse). Let this day be an opportunity not only to reflect on where these feelings come from but also how they might affect other areas in your life – relationships at home with partners/family members; work colleagues, etc.; even hobbies may become overshadowed by worries about money if someone gets laid off tomorrow morning…the possibilities seem endless so let’s find solutions together.

  1.  Laugh — all day long!

Laughing with friends is the best way to spend time, so plan a party! Skits are always fun and will make you laugh. Bring everyone together in this eventful occasion for some good old-fashioned laughter at their expense while getting royalties off me if they get dessert—haha just kidding I don’t do anything related.


  1.  Are you in stress or eustress?

Scientists have identified a type of stress called eustress which they say is good for you.

“Good stress” is associated with more robust immune systems and better performance in high-stakes environments like work or competitive sports, according to recent studies from Binghamton University professor Thomas Park.

  1.  It affects everyone differently

Stress can be difficult to detect because it does not always come with symptoms. However, some people experience more stress than others and may exhibit signs like increased heart rate or trouble sleeping at night when they are feeling under pressure.

  1.  It’s the “silent killer”

Stress is a silent killer because it can cause many different diseases, including heart problems.

  1.  It causes hair loss

You may be experiencing some stress if you are going bald.

The sad truth of the matter is that after age 50, many people experience hair loss as their bodies start producing fewer hormones and enzymes needed for the proper growth cycle of follicles in their scalps.

  1.  Laughing is the remedy

Laughter has been shown in numerous studies to lower stress hormones and trigger the onset of “good,” health-enhancing ones.


  1.  You live only once!

You might not be in control of everything that happens to you, but how you react and what kind of person/life do things for yourself is up to your discretion.

I found this quote by Kenyan author Ngugi Thiong’o insightful when he says “You are the master-you get to do with it”. This means if something is bothering me then I need only think about myself instead of worrying so much over other people’s issues which have nothing whatsoever effect on us -we can’t change them anyway!

  1.  Stress leads to serious health problems

You may have heard that your mood can affect the health of organs in your body. Well, stress is another factor for this to happen and it’s an important cause because stress shortens life expectancy by 10 years!

  1.  Some stress is good — it’s important to differentiate

Not all stress is bad. It’s important to differentiate between good and bad because each has its unique motivating effect on your life: some kinds of pressure will make you want more performance out of yourself while others can lead us down a path that feels like it lacks meaning (or even positive direction).

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