Best National Tooth Fairy Day Greeting Messages and Quotes – August 22, 2022

August 22nd National Dental Fairy Day celebrates the excitement and wonder of losing children’s teeth! National Tooth Fairy Day is a reminder for kids, teens, and the elderly to get back to the fun of turning from the Tooth Fairy when a newly lost tooth was exchanged for a fun surprise when they stared under their pillow in the morning! The Tooth Fairy Collection, which includes the book “A Visit from the Tooth Fairy”, helps celebrate the passage of youth with a gift set that embodies this childhood tradition and creates the feeling of expecting a child to lose a tooth every time. To make the experience even more exciting and memorable, the collection has three beautiful elements: a fascinating story book, a special pouch that holds teeth as they wait to visit The Tooth Fairy, and a rich vault used to store their teeth. Collections are the perfect way to create an exciting experience for a child at this particular time. Tooth Fairy is committed to helping every child and as part of their mission, to collect every tooth fairy purchased, seven toothbrushes will be donated to the American Tooth Fairy. We love The Tooth Fairy Collection because it speaks of the wonder and innocence of childhood and reminds us of the memories we create as our children grow up.

We bring to you a collection of cute Tooth Fairy Day greetings messages and Tooth Fairy Instagram captions to share on social media with family and friends.

National Tooth Fairy Day Messages

1). Warm wishes on Tooth Fairy Day to you my dear…. I hope Tooth Fairy take away your teeth and bless you with new and healthy ones.

2). For all those who still believe in Tooth Fairies…. Wishing you a very Happy National Tooth Fairy Day to remind us of us old and happy days.

3). The real purpose behind Tooth Fairies is that they always inspire us to have faith and make this world a better place to live…. Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

4). It is much easier to believe in Tooth Fairy than to ponder over who kept the money under your pillow…. Warm wishes on Tooth Fairy Day.

5). Today and always Tooth Fairy Day will remind us of the times when we would keep our teeth for money under our pillows…. To those beautiful days, Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

Tooth Fairy Captions for Instagram

6). Tooth Fairy Day will always be a special one as it will take us down the memory lane of our childhood days.

7). Thank you Tooth Fairy for I had to brush lesser teeth as a child…. Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

8). Somethings are so special because they are attached with the most beautiful days of our life…. Just like Tooth Fairies!!!

9). I would never want to grow up, never want to know the reality because it is still so cute to keep your tooth under the pillow and find money in exchange.

10). God created Tooth Fairies so that we could forget the pain of losing our tooth and rather celebrate it by welcoming tooth fairies.

Tooth Fairy Quotes and Sayings

11). I always wondered that who would be interested in taking my tooth in exchange of money… Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

12). There is nothing as cute as a toothless grin…. Warm wishes on Tooth Fairy Day to you.

13). Teething can be painful but with tooth fairies around us, it is less of pain and more of fun…. Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

14). Losing a tooth certainly hurts way less when you have a tooth fairy to soothe your pain with a surprise…. Wishing you a very Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

15). No matter how old we get, we can never forget tooth fairy and her love.

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