National Traffic Directors Day-Things Everyone Should Know!

Traffic Directors Day is a day to recognize the hard work that goes into directing traffic in a city. It’s not an easy job and it deserves recognition! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can celebrate Traffic Directors Day in your community. We’ll also talk about what Traffic Directors do on their days off, so you can see just how much they sacrifice for our safety and convenience.

History Of Traffic Director’s Day

National Broadcast Traffic Professional’s Day is a day to remember the first commercial broadcast in the United States. Although we don’t know who founded it, you can thank media tycoon Harry Haines for starting this event back on November 2nd, 1920! In the 1920s, Haines realized that radio was an emerging platform. He wanted his employees to be on their best behavior and impress listeners!


The National Traffic Directors Day is observed to honor the work of Broadcast traffic professionals on November 2nd, 1920 for their first commercial broadcast through KDKA radio outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

The importance of a well-organized and efficient workflow is often overlooked in today’s media landscape. The day we commemorate here at Broadcast Media Day has been going on for years, but it still pays off with many benefits!

The Traffic Directors Day is an important day for people in the business office. It applies to everyone, including Continuity workers who don’t get their name on screen every episode! The event provides an opportunity to show appreciation of all these professionals working behind the scenes that make it possible each week with our favorite shows.

The Traffic Director’s Day shouldn’t only be seen through rose-colored glasses either; this means you can appreciate more than just what’s being said or shown by actors during production breaks – because without them there wouldn’t BE any entertainment at all (not unless someone wanted nothing but silence).


There are many ways to celebrate traffic directors’ day. The first way is by thanking the person who manages local roadways for their hard work. Another way you can do this is with a sign on your lawn, or putting up decorations in honor of the special occasion! Also, if you have children they might like to make a sign and decorate it too, or give their thanks! You can also post on social media sites like Facebook.

If you work in the radio industry yourself, whether as an engineer at your local broadcast station or part of a multimedia production team, then take time out of your day to thank those who made that program possible for you to listen to. You can also send your thanks in a card or other form of gratitude.

If you are the daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson of someone who works as Broadcast Traffic Director then take this day to thank them for their work! We all know that parents and grandparents will do anything they can for us so make sure today is one of those days.


Well, Traffic Directors don’t get many breaks! Although they do deserve a day off after working so hard all year long and especially on National Broadcast Traffic Professional’s Day (or Traffic Directors Day), you might be surprised at what these professionals choose to do.

If they have a day off, most Traffic Directors will still be working in some way or another. Some of them volunteer to direct traffic at events where it can get overwhelming! Others might choose to maintain their cars and keep up with regular maintenance on the vehicle. A lot of Traffic Directors also enjoy spending time outdoors by going fishing or hiking through local trails.

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