World Cup 2022 Trophy, Medals and Awards

The winner of the football tournament in 2022 will receive the World Cup trophy. FIFA retains ownership of the trophy. A replica of the official trophy will be given to the victorious team.

During the on-field ceremony following the final, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be awarded to the champion. Only during ceremonies and after the final is this gold cup exposed.

The cup must be returned to the World Football Association as soon as the players leave the locker room. The champion is not permitted to take the official cup outside of the stadium.

The FIFA World Cup Winner’s Trophy is the name of the replica. This forgery will belong to the winning country and can be kept as a remembrance of the remarkable achievement.

FIFA is in charge of inscribing the victorious team’s name on the trophy. The team is in charge of the cup’s security and safety while it is in its possession.

Plaque and diploma

As a tournament keepsake, each participant country will receive a plaque. A diploma is also given to the first three countries.

Medals for players and referees

The top three countries’ players receive medals, with the champion earning gold, the runner-up silver, and the runner-up bronze.

Referees and assistants in charge of the consolation and finals will also be awarded medals.

Fair Play Cup

The team that finishes top in the Fair Play rankings receives the Fair Play Cup. This is a list of the teams who have played the game the most fairly.

A certificate and a USD 50,000 voucher will be awarded to the winning team. This coupon can be used to purchase football equipment for youth football development.

A medal will be presented to each player and staff member of the Fair Play champion.

Positive and negative points make up the points for the Fair Play rating, with the focus on a country’s positive contribution.

Yellow and red cards result in a loss of points. Positive points are given for positive play (aggressive and attractive play), respect for the opponent, respect for the officials and assistants, team personnel behavior, and fan behavior.

Golden, Silver, and Bronze Shoe for the top scorers

The player who scores the most goals in the final tournament will be awarded the Golden Boot.

If two or more players have the same number of goals, the number of assists is looked at first, followed by the number of minutes played. The player who achieves the highest score in the shortest amount of time wins.

The second and third places will get the Silver and Bronze Shoe, respectively.

Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ball for the best players

The Golden Ball will be presented to the best player of the tournament. Naturally, the numbers two and three receive the Silver and Bronze Ball.

Golden Glove for best goalkeeper

The Golden Glove is given to the World Championship goalkeeper of 2022.

The Technical Study Group of FIFA decides who will get the prize.

Young Player Award for the best youth player

The Young Player Award is given to the tournament’s finest young player.

To be considered a youngster, the athlete must have been born after January 1, 2001.

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