What are the groups for World Cup 2022?

The 32 countries from six continents that will compete in the 2022 World Cup are grouped into eight groups. England is a member of Group B.

England is in Group B with Iran, the United States, and the European playoff winner.
Following the draw, it was revealed which countries are in which groups. It is now evident which countries will compete for a spot in the knockout phase of the 2022 World Cup. Qatar, as the host country, has qualified for the World Cup and is placed in Group A.

There are eight groups in the 2022 World Cup, ranging from group A to group H. Each group is made up of four countries, with the top two qualifying for the knockout phase. So there are 16 countries go to the knockout round of the World Cup.

World Cup 2022 groups

These are the 2022 World Cup groups:

Group A
Qatar Qatar
Ecuador Ecuador
Senegal Senegal
Netherlands Netherlands
Group B
England England
Iran Iran
United States United States
Europe playoffs
Group C
Argentina Argentina
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Mexico Mexico
Poland Poland
Group D
France France
Intercontinental playoffs
Denmark Denmark
Tunisia Tunisia
Group E
Spanje Spain
Intercontinental playoffs
Germany Germany
Japan Japan
Group F
Belgium Belgium
Canada Canada
Morocco Morocco
Croatia Croatia
Group G
Brazil Brazil
Serbia Serbia
Switzerland Switzerland
Cameroon Cameroon
Group H
Portugal Portugal
Ghana Ghana
Uruguay Uruguay
South Korea South Korea


Intercontinental Playoffs 1: Costa Rica or New Zealand.

Intercontinental Playoffs 2: Peru, Australia, or the United Arab Emirates.

European playoffs: Wales, Scotland, or Ukraine.

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World Cup 2022 group heads

The draw for the 2022 World Cup might be beneficial or negative. England has the ability to hit a number of weak or heavy opponents. To avoid a pool with too many powerful countries, the draw is made in such a way that these powerful countries are unable to meet in the pool.

The top seven countries in the FIFA World Ranking, as well as the host country Qatar, are put in the first pot. The countries in this pot will be the top two finishers in each of the eight World Cup groups in 2022.

World Cup 2022 groups frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What do the World Cup groups consist of?

The World Cup groups consist of 8 groups of 4 teams each. The eight groups are lettered from A to H.

Which World Cup group is England in?

England is in Group B with Iran, the US, and the winner of the European playoffs.

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