World Mosquito Day: 100+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings – August 20, 2022

World Mosquito Day Messages: In addition to just annoying summer insects, mosquitoes are also responsible for spreading malaria, a disease that kills more than half a million people each year. When Ronald Ross discovered in 1897 that mosquitoes spread malaria, he revolutionized our understanding of the disease and raised awareness about malaria prevention.

Today, the best way to prevent disease is to avoid the bite of an infected mosquito. Insecticide-treated nets, preventive treatment for pregnant women and children, and spraying of internal residues are all ways to reduce infection, but mosquito outbreaks in difficult areas such as sub-Saharan Africa pose a challenge to eradication measures.


Mosquitoes, those tiny vampires, are responsible for spreading deadly diseases, such as malaria. With no vaccine currently available, malaria – an ancient disease that has plagued mankind since the dawn of agriculture and modern civilization – remains a deadly threat to people around the world. Caused by the Plasmodium parasite, malaria is seen in historical texts dating back to the first millennium BC. In fact, the first signs of the malaria parasite have finally been found in mosquitoes more than 30 million years old!

Malaria affects every continent except Antarctica and remains a widespread problem in some parts of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. More than 200 million people are still infected with malaria each year. In 2010, 90% of malaria deaths occurred in Africa. The World Health Organization has expressed concern about drug-resistant malaria, which could hamper efforts to reduce the spread of the disease.

World Mosquito Day honors the date when Sir Ronald Ross, a British Army surgeon serving in India, proved that mosquitoes transmit malaria by detecting pigmented malaria parasites in mosquitoes fed to an infected patient. This discovery has revolutionized our knowledge of the disease and led to new preventive measures. Ross won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1902.

Ross then and there declared the first World Mosquito Day, to make the world aware of the link between mosquitoes and malaria. Although an improved understanding of the disease has led to more innovative preventive measures and medical treatment, a malaria vaccine remains elusive.

Here Are Some Best Messages And Quotes On World Mosquito Day Which You Can Share On Social Media On That Day.

_We take the opportunity of this twentieth of August to raise awareness about the various diseases that may be caused by mosquitoes and the ways we can prevent them and keep ourselves and our families safe. Have a Happy and Safe World Mosquito Day everybody!

_Mosquitoes are everywhere and they can be easily called the most irritating and also one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet and so stay safe and wish everyone a very Cautious World Mosquito Day!

_Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, West Nile fever,  Yellow fever, Lymphatic filariasis, Rift Valley fever and the list of diseases caused by mosquitoes goes on. So, stay aware, stay safe, stay healthy and wish everyone a very happy World Mosquito Day!

_While we celebrate this day to commemorate Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery, we eagerly wait for the discovery of formulae or technology that will eradicate mosquitoes from the face of the Earth. Happy World Mosquito Day everyone!

_In the spirit of this day, we should organize more campaigns that help spread awareness about the dangers of mosquitoes in every part of the world. Have an educated World Mosquito Day everyone!

_These creatures may look tiny but the damage that they cause is deadly. So stay educated, stay aware and stay safe, and have a Cautious World Mosquito Day!

_Advertisements regarding mosquito repellents are many and while they tell us how to combat these creatures they do not actually educate us to the complete extent about them and so we should take advantage of this day and be receptive to the various information about mosquitoes that are spread on campaigns. Happy World Mosquito Day everyone.

_Impatiently waiting for a world free of mosquitoes and also appreciating all the discoveries and research about the diseases caused by them and their prevention. Have a happy World Mosquito Day!

_Wishing everyone a very safe and cautious World Mosquito Day and praying for the eradication of these tiny monsters from the face of the Earth. Live well!

_Mosquitoes breed in dirt and waterlogged pits and the more the number of mosquitoes, the more number of people affected by the diseases that they cause. So keeping in mind the ways to cut down on the breeding of mosquitoes, let us wish everyone a very Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Going by statistics, mosquitoes are solely responsible for around 10 % of deaths all over the globe and so it is extremely important to be aware of the dangers they bring along with them. Have a safe World Mosquito Day everybody!

_The main purpose of this day is to spread the education about mosquitoes to every man and woman so that every individual can help fight the breeding of these creatures in whatever way they can. Have a safe World Mosquito Day everyone!

_Kill mosquitoes before they kill us! Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Cover those drains and clean those corners and let us take a vow to maintain a healthy and clean neighborhood. Have a Cautious World Mosquito Day everybody!

_Poor drainage, clogged gutters are massive breeding spots for mosquitoes and we should take care of these problems if we want to reduce the population of mosquitoes. Wishing everyone an educated World Mosquito Day!

_How many times have we wrongly judged a book by it’s cover? Well, in case of these creatures too let us not judge them by their size because the damage they cause is humongous. Here’s wishing everyone a careful World Mosquito Day!

_It should be the duty of every individual to contribute to the fight against mosquitoes and their breeding in whatever way they can so that this worldwide issue can be solved. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Our world may be divided by water bodies, religions, races, castes,  cultures, and whatnot but it is United by its hatred for mosquitoes. Let’s take advantage of this unity and help to make our world a planet free of mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_We can adopt a lot of measures to reduce the population of mosquitoes like chemicals, pesticides or biological means or simply by keeping our surroundings clean and hygienic. So this twentieth of August let us take a vow to contribute in whatever way we can to get rid of mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_It’s queer how such tiny creatures can cause suffering to human beings and animals and can also lead to their death. So we should come together and help in achieving a world that is free from mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Mosquitoes make our life unbearable and it is only fair that we return the favor and make their lives harder. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy World Mosquito Day!

_Never compromise with the health of your family or your own health. So stay clean, keep your surroundings clean and never give up in the fight against mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Here’s to inviting volunteers to campaign in spreading awareness about mosquitoes and the diseases that they cause and also wishing everyone a very Happy World Mosquito Day!

_As the saying goes, we can conquer anything if we stand together and we are prone to falling when we are divided, so let us come together this twentieth of August and take a pledge to make the world a mosquito free world for our future generations. Happy World Mosquito Day!

_Wishing people, Happy World Mosquito Day is ironic because there is not a single person who is happy about the existence of mosquitoes. Have a safe  World Mosquito Day!

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